Beauty Treatments that Look to be Popular in 2020

Posted January 09, 2020
Learn the beauty treatments that look to be popular in 2020

Cosmetic surgery has been growing in popularity over the last few decades as patients look to make a change in their appearance. They hope to turn back the clock and maintain a youthful appearance as the years pass and they get older. It is the dawn of a New Year, as well as a new decade, and many patients are now turning to beauty treatments to help them have a younger appearance to others. As 2020 begins, let’s take a look at the reasons why certain beauty treatments just might take the place of fillers, Botox, liposuction and other popular cosmetic surgery treatments as the treatment of choice for patients.

Beauty Treatments Instead of Invasive Surgery in 2020

According to some of the top beauty industry professionals around the world, 2020 might be the year that patients stop having plastic surgery in favor of quicker treatments that provide the results they desire without the extended recovery times. Non-surgical treatments are growing in popularity as patients look to lift, nourish, plump, rejuvenate and smooth the skin.

These beauty industry professionals feel there will be an increase in non-surgical treatments AKA “tweakments” that will provide the desired results when it comes to refreshing and rejuvenating the skin and giving a person a more youthful and glowing appearance. They also say that many patients are doing their research and starting to view cosmetic surgery as being an option that is out of date and even unnecessary in some cases.

Popular Beauty Treatment Options for 2020

  • Oxygenating Facials – While oxygenating facials have shown some popularity in the past, many doctors feel they will continue to grow in popularity in the New Year. One of the reasons that oxygenating facelifts are so popular is that they help patients gain skin that is rejuvenated and fresher in appearance. The oxygenating facial is a three-in-one facial that is energy-assisted so it works on the outside and inside of the skin to encourage collagen production and natural skin renewal and replenishment.
  •  “Snatched” Jawlines – There has been a rise in popularity of non-surgical jaw refinement treatments as opposed to the use of cheek fillers that were highly requested in the past. One of the more popular treatments is called a “snatched” jawline which means the jaw achieves a look that is rather angular and has a more pronounced contour to it. This look is achieved by using dermal fillers that provide a jawline that is slimmer in appearance as well as giving the patient a face that is softer and more “heart-shaped” in its appearance to others.
  • Thread Facelifts – Patients looking to have an alternative treatment to a traditional facelift, or even a mini facelift, are turning to thread facelifts to get the desired results. Unlike an invasive traditional facelift procedure, a thread facelift is non-surgical and uses collagen-boosting strings to give patients the anti-aging results they desire. In addition, injectable dermal fillers are placed in the designated areas of the face to add volume to the portions of the face that might have been lost as patients aged. The final results provide the visual look of a traditional facelift, or a mini facelift, without the need to undergo a surgical facelift.
  • Advanced Butt Lift Techniques – In the past, patients were told that the secret to getting the perfect look to the buttocks is visiting the gym on a regular basis. They have been conditioned to believe the best way to achieve a firm and tight backside is to exercise as well as follow a healthy diet. These options are certainly important steps in combating the aging process and enjoying good overall health. However, many medical professionals feel that the combination of a deep massage and science will also help patients achieve their dream backside. Some doctors use a combination of TriLipo radiofrequency treatments and dynamic muscle activation to reduce fat in the targeted areas as well as build muscles. Since a growing number of patients are looking to undergo non-invasive methods of lifting and shaping the booty, an LP Butt Lift is the solution that many of these patients are using to gain the desired results. An LP Butt Lift is a butt lift technique that combines TriLipo radiofrequency, dynamic muscle activation and advanced deep massage techniques to lift and firm the buttocks. It is growing in popularity as a replacement to surgical procedures that add volume for a better shape and contour to the buttocks such as fat transfer.

Consult with a Board-Certified Doctor in 2020

Before patients make any kind of decision on a beauty treatment or an invasive plastic surgery procedure, they should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor will examine the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to undergo any type of beauty treatment as well as ensure the patient is not allergic to anything involved in performing the treatment. In addition, the doctor will discuss the benefits of beauty treatments and traditional cosmetic surgery procedures to determine the best method to achieve, and maintain, the desired results.



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