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Brazilian Butt Lift

Women over the years have always envied that perfect “hourglass” figure.  Whether they were trying to elicit comparisons to Marilyn Monroe or to Kim Kardashian, they’ve longed for those feminine proportions: a narrow waist, generous bosom, and rounded hips. But some women, tragically, haven’t been blessed by genetics with that hourglass physique. Many find that their waists aren’t quite slender enough, their hips not as round as they’d like. For those women, their options used to be extremely limited. They could diet or exercise, but fighting against genetics is always an uphill battle. With modern medicine, however, any woman can get that desirable physique—in one fell swoop. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, women can achieve the look they want, without having to struggle through multiple difficult procedures.



Statistically, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the fastest-growing operations in the cosmetic surgery industry. During the treatment, the surgeon removes fat from unwanted areas—the stomach, back, love handles, arms, thighs, or anywhere else the patient doesn’t want it—and replaces it in areas where the patient does want it. The BBL is a combination of procedures: the fat is liposuctioned out, isolated, and infused with antibiotics. It is then injected into the desired locations. The entire process takes between 2 ½ and 3 hours, and can be as subtle as a small bump or even more dramatic than a Nicki Minaj-esque rear. The BBL is the only procedure that can actually change a woman’s shape, because it changes where she puts fat on her body. A prospective patient can diet like crazy and go to the gym consistently for months, but all that will happen is that she will become a smaller version of the shape she already is, be it boxy or curvy. The BBL changes where the fat grows, and doesn’t force the patient to fight fruitlessly against nature.



The ideal patient is someone is not extremely skinny—who has fat that the doctor can work with and sculpt. If a patient is too thin, the surgeon may recommend she put on 10-15 pounds. The patient’s BMI should be no less than 22 and no more than 32. The procedure is done under general anesthesia, with the price starting at around $7,000.  The recovery process is fairly standard for a major procedure of this nature—the patient should expect to take about two weeks off from work, and will experience some swelling and significant bruising. The scars are tiny—roughly the size of a Tic Tac.



When patients are selecting a surgeon for this procedure, they should be sure to choose someone who frequently does the BBL. A doctor who specializes in something else may have the technical know-how to perform the procedure, but won’t have the artistry necessary to create excellent results. Patients should always look at the doctor’s before and after photos as well, in order to ensure that their aesthetics line up and match the patient’s expectations.



The Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent option for women looking to change their shape without the hassle of working out insane amounts and starving themselves. The BBL is just one of the many ways modern advances can help those looking to improve themselves without the risks that patients may have previously had to worry about.


Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team based on an exclusive interview provided by Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Bay Harbor Islands, FL.