Will I need to shave my head to get an FUT?

I am starting to lose my hair in the front section and a little on my crown. I am interested in getting a hair transplant using the FUT method but I am wondering if it is possible to get one without having to shave my head? I have been told that I will have a scar with this method and I am hoping that if I don’t have to shave my head the wound and eventual scar won’t be as noticeable. If not shaving is an option, will it have a negative effect on the placement of my new grafts?

1 Expert Answers

Shaving the head for a hair transplant

In my practice, the only part of the scalp that is shaved, is the area we harvest the hair from. For an FUT (Strip surgery) only the removed strip is shaved. For FUE, the donor area is shaved never the recipient area.