Is this normal? Is this swelling or from foams?

Hello! I’m 4wks post op Lipo 360 & small Fat transfer to hips and butt (320cc each cheek) and I noticed two lumps near my hips or flank area and need to know if this is normal swelling or if there is anything I can do to help shape this area, since I’m only 4 weeks post up or is it from my Lipo foam 360 since it sits right above that area and not compressing that area since fat might be there. I did ask my surgeon and he said nothing on that they will revisit in three months he said nothing else about it. I would just like to know if I can compress the area with a 360 foam by pulling it down further or by wearing a waste trainer wrap over that area to help with the swelling if that’s what it is? Right side is more noticeable. I attached a photo of his drawings not sure what they mean. Please help!

No Doctor Answers