How much does FUE hair transplant cost compared to FUT?

I’m interested in doing a hair transplant in the near future. How much does it cost if I want to do a FUE? Is it more expensive than doing FUT?

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FUE pricing

This varies by area and the reputation and skill of the surgeon. Those surgeons with more experience who developed a good reputation generally have slightly higher pricing than newer doctors seeking to make their reputation or doctors who use illegal technicians to do the FUE for them, making it less costly (I would then question the quality of what you would be getting).

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

FUE vs Strip FUT Cost

FUE cost has been traditionally higher due to the fact that they have been more labor intense. In our office we used to charge twice for FUE per grafts when we did mostly strip procedures. However, as FUE graft excition is becoming easier, thanks to the advanced methods of FUE hair extraction, the prices are becoming closer. That is for the regular FUE procedures that we get to shave the donor area. Celebrity hair transplant in which we perform an FUE procedure without shaving at all is more expensive than regular FUE and strip FUT procedures.