Vi Peel

Vi Peel is a chemical peel that improves mild to moderate skin damage, reverses signs of aging and heals acne. The chemical is applied in two phases. The first phase penetrates the skin cells on the surface of the skin. The second phase penetrates the dermis where the dead skin cells and toxins are located. It can be used on the hands, neck or chest. The damage created by the chemical causes the skin to blister and the top layers to peel off. This process removes older skin cells and stimulates the production of collagen.

Vi Peel is a good option for patients that have visible signs of aging on the skin as well as melasma and moderate to severe acne. Vi Peel can be used on most skin types but ideal candidates are patients that have a skin color or tone that is fair to medium.

The cost of a Vi Peel is anywhere from $150-$400 depending on the condition of the skin before the treatment, the depth of the peel, any fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the area of the country where it is performed.

The results of a Vi Peel are not immediately noticeable by patients. It takes a few days before the skin begins to peel and the peeling process continues for up to 6 days. The peeling looks like sunburn that is flaking off.  It takes 4-6 weeks for the full results to become visible. Patients will enjoy skin that is smoother and more youthful in appearance. To maintain the results, patients should have biannual treatments.

Vi Peels

Vi Peels

submitted on   Tue Apr, 05, 2016 by Anne Mcneill, MD, PHD     
Vi Peel is a chemical peel designed to treat brown spots, age spots, lentigos (small brown patches on the skin), and melisma (gray to brown patches on the face). A Vi Peel treats pigmentation issues whether they are caused by the sun, hormones or even old acne that did not heal properly...