Juliet Laser Treatment

Juliet is a laser treatment used to rejuvenate the vagina. It uses an Erbium:YAG laser ray to target a specific layer of the vagina and create an increase in collagen and elastin. This will increase tone and elasticity in the vagina as well as treat a variety of vaginal symptoms including vaginal looseness, loss of sensation during sex, vaginal dryness, poor lubrication and pain during intercourse The Juliet laser treatment takes about 30 minutes. During the treatment, the laser will be covered with a disposable sterile head and is inserted into the vagina to stimulate the rejuvenation process.

A woman who experiences vaginal looseness, pain during sex or vaginal dryness is a candidate for the Juliet laser treatment. Woman who have had a vaginal birth or are in menopause are good candidates for this treatment. This procedure is ideal for patients who have had cancer and want to experience vaginal rejuvenation.

The cost of Juliet laser treatment depends on how many sessions are needed. Patients generally need 2-3 treatments that are spaced four weeks apart. Each session costs around $900-$1300.

For three days following the laser treatment, sex should be avoided to prevent infection. Patients sometimes experience some light spotting or bleeding a few days following the procedure. Results are seen almost immediately. The vagina will feel tighter and the vaginal symptoms should begin to disappear. Results will continue to increase for the first month following laser treatment and are considered long lasting.

Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment

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