Hymenoplasty is surgery to repair a broken hymen and restore a woman’s virginity. The hymen is a ring of skin located in the vagina. The surgeon uses stitches to sew the edges of the hymen together. If there is not enough skin to sew together, the surgeon will use skin from the vaginal wall or synthetic skin to form the new hymen. The skin heals and there will be an intact hymen in the vagina. This hymen looks like it did prior to the procedure and will bleed on intercourse. A hymenoplasty can be done at the same time as other vaginal procedures including vaginal rejuvenation.

A female who has a ruptured hymen she would like to restore is a very good candidate for a hymenoplasty. It does not matter how long ago the hymen was broken or what caused the hymen to break. A woman in good physical health who is without untreated sexual disease or cancer can have this procedure.

The cost of a hymenoplasty depends on the specific type of surgery needed based on the specific anatomy of the patient, the skill and experience of the surgeon and the area of the country where it is performed. A hymenoplasty costs around $3500-$6000.

After the procedure, the surgeon will show patients how to take care of the area and keep it clean. For two to three days after the procedure, patients need to take it easy and rest. For the next three months they need to avoid strenuous sports and exercise as well as sexual activity while the body fully heals. After the healing process, the patient will have a hymen that looks and acts just like a natural hymen. The results last for as long as the hymen is not broken again.

Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment

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