G-Shot is a procedure used to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure. A shot of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in various parts of the body, is injected into the G-spot which is the sensitive area on the vaginal wall that responds to sexual stimulation and causes pleasurable sexual sensations. A G-Shot increases the size of the G-spot and brings sexual pleasure to new heights. This shot can also be combined with other vaginal procedures.

Candidates for the G-Shot are women looking to increase pleasurable sexual sensations and orgasms. These women typically have normal sexual function that they are looking to increase.

G-Shot costs between $1800-$3000 depending on any fees charged by the provider, the skill level of the doctor and any fees charged by the surgical facility.

After the injection patients can resume all regular activities including sexual activity. Results of the G-Shot are immediate and will be felt during the next sexual encounter. The results generally last between 4-6 months. Repeat injections can be done every four months.

Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment

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Gender reassignment surgery is known by a number of names...