FemTouch is a laser treatment used to improve vaginal health and treat vaginal symptoms. Giving birth to a baby or having hormonal changes can impact the way the vagina feels and performs. FemTouch laser treats symptoms such as vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, menopausal changes and tightens the vagina and improves performance. A probe delivers laser energy to the vaginal wall after it is inserted into the vagina to focus fractional laser beam along the treated area.

Excellent candidates are women who have given birth and would like to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina and women who are experiencing hormonal changes from menopause, perimenopause or cancer treatment. Women who would like to improve sexual performance are good candidates as well.

A FemTouch laser treatment generally costs between $1500-$2500 dollars. The cost depends on the length of the treatment, how many treatments are performed and the area of the country where the treatment takes place.

Two to four FemTouch treatments are needed for maximum results. Inserting anything into the vagina, including having intercourse, cannot be done for three days following the treatment. After the treatment, there is no downtime and patients can resume other activities. Results will be seen after a few days and continue to improve for the next month or two. In general, the results are long lasting and a follow-up treatment is needed every year or two.

Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment

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Gender reassignment surgery is known by a number of names...