FemiLift is a laser treatment used to rejuvenate the vagina. In this treatment, a carbon dioxide laser is inserted into the vagina to revitalize vaginal tissue and treat female intimate symptoms including vaginal laxity or looseness, vaginal dryness, recurring vaginal infections and stress urinary incontinence. FemiLift tightens the vagina, and improves vaginal performance during intimacy, leading to increased sexual sensation and enjoyment.

Females in menopause, those who had vaginal deliveries or are feeling symptoms due to cancer treatment are good candidates for FemiLift. Women who would like to improve their intimacy experience are good candidates as well.

A FemiLift treatment costs anywhere from $800-$1500. The final price depends on the area of the country where it is performed, the number of treatments and any fees charged by the hospital or the facility.

After the treatment, patients can resume regular activities with the exception of having sex and inserting anything into the vagina for three days following the treatment. Results are seen almost immediately and will continue to increase for 1-2 days. Three treatments are recommended to achieve maximum results. The results of FemiLift are long lasting and some patients have yearly follow-up treatments.