Evolence is collagen-based dermal filler used for the correction of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, scars, skin grafts and other surgically-induced irregularities or soft tissue defects or deficiencies. The procedure begins with the application of a topical anesthetic agent to reduce discomfort. The injection locations on the face are marked and the Evolence is injected. Since Evolence gel is thicker than most other dermal fillers, a larger needle is used for the treatment.The amount of Evolence used in each treatment depends on the patient's desired results.

Ideal candidates are healthy individuals that have moderate to deeper lines on the face and other surface imperfections. Patients with a history of dietary porcine allergy should be carefully examined before undergoing this procedure. Patients that are allergic to pig products or have bleeding disorders are not good candidates.

The typical cost for an Evolence procedure ranges from $500-$800.The final cost varies depending on the surgeon’s level of expertise, the geographic location of the procedure and any other fees associated with the doctor or the facility.

The procedure restores a smooth and youthful appearance. There is no downtime and little or no recovery time is required. Some patients might experience slight redness, swelling and bruising which resolves within days. Patients should avoid rubbing the injection sites and over-exposing the skin to the sun shortly after the procedure. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment and will last for a period of six to twelve months.



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