BriteSmile is a technique that whitens the teeth in just one hour. A whitening gel is placed on the teeth that has 15% hydrogen peroxide base as the bleaching compound.  A special lamp is focused on the gel for twenty minutes to act as an accelerator for the whitening treatment. The gel and lamp process is repeated a second time to complete the treatment. This ensures that the patient gets the full effect of the whitening process and that the entire treatment area on the teeth is covered by the whitening process.

The best candidates for BriteSmile are patients who have good oral hygiene and are motivated to maintain the positive effects of the treatment. BriteSmile can be done on patients whose teeth are yellowed from age, stained from food, drink, or tobacco and patients who will be getting veneers or bonding. It is not recommended to use BriteSmile on patients that are pregnant or nursing, receiving orthodontic treatment or have extensive dental work such as veneers or crowns.

The cost of Brite Smile depend on fees charged by the provider giving the treatment, the area of the country where it is performed and the amount of whitening that needs to be performed. BriteSmile generally costs in the range of $400-$600.

The results of BriteSmile are very dramatic. Patients have a smile that is noticeably whiter immediately after the treatment. BriteSmile can whiten teeth up to nine shades lighter. Following the treatment, the dentist will give suggestions on how to maintain the results such as drinking beverages with a straw so they don’t stain the teeth. Patients who follow these suggestions can enjoy their whiter smile for up to a year.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

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A dental bridge uses a fixed prosthetic device to address missing teeth. The device is called a dental bridge because it bridges a gap between one or more missing teeth. The process uses the adjacent teeth to support the bridge/artificial teeth located in-between the natural teeth. The...