Gum Contouring

Gum contouring, AKA gum lift, is for patients unhappy with the size and proportion of their gums. A special dental laser removes excess gum tissue located around the teeth. It also reshapes uneven gums and makes them symmetrical. Pocket reduction, AKA gum flap surgery, is performed after removing plaque and tartar from the teeth. An incision is made in the gums to reach the underlying tooth structure. Infected gum tissue and bacteria is removed. Soft tissue grafting, AKA a gum graft, treats receded gum tissue from gum disease. The dentist takes tissue from the palate, or elsewhere in the mouth, to restore the gums and prevent further damage.

Good candidates for gum contouring are people who want to reshape their gumline or even remove part of their gum tissue. Gum contouring is also ideal for patients who want a symmetrical gumline and they feel that too much of theirs gums show when they smile. In addition, people who suffer from gum recession might want to have bacteria removed from their gums and contoured to lessen the appearance of the recession.

The cost of treating the gums depends on the type of treatment performed, how much work needs to be done, whether or not insurance covers any of the cost, fees charged by the doctor or the facility and the area of the country where the treatment is performed. Gum contouring runs from $1200-$3000 while gum flap surgery cost in the range of $600-$900. A gum graft is $800-$1200 for a single procedure performed in a specific area. The cost can be higher if multiple grafts are placed.

No matter what type of cosmetic gum surgery a person undergoes, patients can expect some soreness and swelling in the gums as well as an increased sensitivity in the gum areas that were treated.  Most patients are able to resume normal activities within 24 hours of their treatment. Following all post-treatment instructions from the doctor, and practicing proper oral hygiene, can ensure a full recovery and results that last a lifetime.

Gum Contouring

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Gum contouring is the process of improving the shape and appearance of the gum line. The gum line might need alteration due to an uneven gum line, excessive gums which are evident to others by teeth appearing short. A patient might also have an issue where the teeth appear to be different heights1