Zac Efron - Possible Plastic Surgery

Posted July 20, 2021
Did Zac Efron have cosmetic surgery done

Earlier this year, Zac Efron was promoting an Earth Day special and the video clip went viral for reasons other than the special. His fans were not paying attention to the message about taking care of the planet. Instead, they were focused on the appearance of Zac’s square jaw and plump lips. The public instantly wanted to know if the 33-year-old actor had plastic surgery thanks to the changes in his appearance.

Zac Efron Responds to Plastic Surgery Speculation

When the clip of Efron went public, his look was compared to Rob Lowe (in the chin) and Mickey Rourke (his plump lips and his pout).

A few days after the discussion started about his face, Efron posted a photo from Australia (where he has been living during the pandemic). In the photo, Zac is holding a lobster and he shared this message with the public. “Only take what is needed and live with a generous spirit – to be more, one must give more. Lessons I’ve learned from the people of Masig Island.”

The photo did not satisfy the curiosity of the public as it was undated and his chin did not have the bloated look that was apparent in the Earth Day video.

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery – Medical Experts Speak Out

In an interview with The Daily Beast website, Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon from Detroit, shared his thoughts on the appearance of the actor. “Has he had plastic surgery to reshape his jawline? I don’t think so. I actually think he’s had dental surgery, not plastic surgery. That’s why he’s swollen in those areas. If you had your wisdom teeth taken out, did you look like this?”

Dr. Corey L. Hartman, a dermatologist from Birmingham, Alabama, said “My first question about Zac Efron is, when was this done? He could have gotten a perfectly good procedure that hasn’t calmed down yet. How many female celebrities have we seen caught in the period where [fillers] are still fresh and we see them out when they didn’t necessarily want to be seen? It could all work out fine for Zac.”

Male Plastic Surgery Procedures Grow in Popularity

While the topic of male plastic surgery is still not discussed as openly as female procedures, there are a growing number of procedures being performed on male patients across the country.  One dermatologist in New York reported a male plastic surgery increase of around 25\\% (as opposed to recent years) and this same number was reported by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

The male patients are reported as being millennial or Gen X patients looking to have cosmetic procedures thanks to the return of in-person meetings and events. Some of the most popular procedures are Botox and fillers to gain a youthful look to the face along with non-invasive procedures that provide an improved contour to the body such as CoolSculpting.

Even though the subject of male plastic surgery is not openly discussed by everyone, there is a shift in the public perception towards the topic as well as less of a stigma about the idea of men having cosmetic surgery to refresh and rejuvenate their look.

“Zoom Boom” and Plastic Surgery

The much discussed “Zoom Boom” has been credited with the increase in cosmetic surgery treatments among patients. The need to conduct business calls on Zoom (because of COVID-19 safety protocols) means the public has been viewing their appearance on computer screens on a daily basis during the pandemic.

One of the most popular procedures that has resulted from the “Zoom Boom” is a focus on improving the appearance of the neck and the chin. Male patients view the appearance of their neck and chin and compare it to the appearance of the neck or chin of other people on a Zoom call. If they feel their neck is looser and older in appearance than others, they will want to make a change in the look of their neck.

In addition, millennial and Gen X patients feel that having Botox and fillers now will help them avoid having to undergo more aggressive treatments in the future.  They also want to improve their self-image and grow more confident in their appearance.

Male Plastic Surgery – Inspiration for Procedures

Many doctors report that female patients bring in photos of their favorite celebrities as an inspiration for the look they want to achieve. On the other hand, male patients trend to bring photos of themselves to show how they want to look when the final results are visible. The photos are either pictures of themselves when they were younger or photos that have altered with an app to show the changes they want to make in their look.

As the public continues to interact in person more than they have in the past year, it looks like male plastic surgery will continue to be a popular choice among men in the business world that want to maintain a younger look.

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