Vatican: Plastic Surgery is a Burqa Made of Flesh

Posted February 02, 2015

The newest Pope may be alright with pets getting into heaven, but, apparently, plastic surgery is still not particularly accepted by the Vatican and/or God. A working document released by the Pontifacal Council for Culture provocatively called plastic surgery a “burqa made of flesh,” because apparently the Vatican doesn’t fully understand what plastic surgery is. The document continued, “Having been given freedom of choice for all, are we not under a new cultural yoke of a singular feminine model? What do we think of women used in advertising and in the mass media?"

Italian actress Nancy Brilli, however, was having none of this plastic surgery shaming. At a press conference at the Vatican Monday, she stated, “I do not understand demonizing someone if she doesn’t feel comfortable, and then after the operation feels better. As long as the point is to become what you want and not to follow a standard imposed from outside." Preach!

When it came to the “burqa” comment, Brilli had a few choice words on the matter.  "Defining this surgery as 'the new burqa' rests on the fact that women often seek to conform to one model to be accepted," she said. "If a woman changes the features she was born with but is not comfortable with, however, I do not understand why she should be demonized and criticized. If she feels better, where's the harm?"


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