Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Says Vanessa Williams May Have Had More Than Botox

Posted January 03, 2018

Vanessa Williams has been an actress, a singer and Miss America. She has also been honest with the public about maintaining her looks. Williams has admitted to using Botox but says her doctor administers it “gently” so she can be expressive while acting.

When speaking to “Life & Style” Magazine, Dr. Josef Hadeed, a cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills said, “She’s aging well. I would not do anything differently on her!”

There are some medical experts who think she has done more than Botox to stay youthful looking. These doctors shared their thoughts with the magazine.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan plastic surgeon, says “her upper eyelids appear lifted” while Dr. Hadeed points to lower eyelid surgery since “there’s less excess skin.”

Beauty advisor Coleen Janeway says Vanessa’s lips are “sexy, defined, youthful, and plump.” The appearance of her lips has Janeway thinking Williams uses filler, such as Juve?derm XC, to achieve her look.

Finally, Dr. Ryan Neinstein, of New York City, says her smooth skin suggests “she likely has had PRP injections with microneedling.”

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