Thai Man Not Recognized by His Mother After Plastic Surgery

Posted December 14, 2017

The Thailand version of the popular Korean cosmetic surgery show, “Let Me In”, recently aired a story about a 22-year-old Thai man named Noppajit Monlin. Monlin recently received plastic surgery in South Korea after developing social anxiety disorder due to his experience of frequently being teased for his "ugly" appearance.

Monlin avoided interacting with others, including his friends, because of his anxiety. His old appearance included a deformed jaw that caused issues while he was eating. His anxiety was so severe that he would eat by himself at work while hiding from his fellow workers.

Monlin decided to undergo surgery on the show, “Let Me In Thailand”'. He flew to Korea and received surgery on his skin, forehead, eyes and chin. He also had Botox injected into his salivary glands to fix the issues of drooling caused by his twisted chin. 

The entire surgery and recovery process took 3 months. After his recovery was over, Monlin visited his mother who did not recognize him at first. Monlin then said, "Mom, do you remember me?" His mother, who blames herself for his struggles, broke down in tears of joy. 

Monlin says, "My life has improved so much. I used to get rejected due to my looks but that will no longer happen.”

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