Smile like a Celebrity

Posted October 23, 2015

Celebrities love to dazzle on the red carpet. From hair and makeup to the perfect outfit and accessories, looking like a star is half the battle of being viewed as a star by the general public. One part of looking like a star is having a beautiful smile. Smiling for the camera, and having it captured for the entire world to see, means celebrities need to keep their smile and teeth looking their best.

Best Ways to Have a Smile like a Celebrity

Here are some tips to look like a celebrity with a bright smile:

Oral care – Oral care extends beyond visiting the dentist every six months. Taking care of the teeth at home is actually a fairly easy process. Using an electric toothbrush is better than a normal toothbrush since the sonic waves help to eliminate plaque. The use of proper oral care techniques helps to get rid of any stains on the teeth. Finally, using mouthwash is vital in reaching areas of the mouth that were missed by the toothbrush.

Enjoy a banana – The importance of eating healthy to the teeth is often overlooked and incorporating the right foods into a diet isn't only beneficial for the teeth. It's also good for the overall well-being of a person. Bananas are much more than a quick and easy snack. Banana peels have been shown to naturally whiten teeth. Take a piece of the peel and rub the inside part of the peel along the teeth on the top of the mouth. Do this for 30-seconds to a minute and then repeat the process along the bottom half of the teeth. After rubbing the peel on both parts of the teeth; hold the lips open for anywhere from 5-10 minutes and then brush the teeth. The result is that the banana peel helps to whiten the teeth.

A careful diet – There are certain foods that taste good but are taking people away from being able to smile like a celebrity because of the damage they cause to the teeth. Foods that are high in citric acid can cause enamel erosion. Tea and coffee (which are darker liquids) can cause stains to form on the teeth. Choose foods like vegetables that can exfoliate the teeth naturally.

Lipstick – Study shows that certain lipstick shades, such as some blue hues, make the teeth look whiter they also make the smile more appealing and attractive. Rocking the perfect shade is a huge step towards being able to smile like a celebrity.

Oil pulling – There are some celebrities (we’re looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow!) who swear by the practice of oil pulling. Oil pulling involves filling the mouth with coconut oil and swishing it around for 10-20 minutes. The supporters of oil pulling claim that it makes their teeth whiter while also pulling toxins out of the body. This treatment can be found marketed under the name Cocowhite.

Baking soda – Baking soda is another substance that can be used to achieve the goal of being able to smile like a celebrity. An old school DIY treatment that can be done at home, the abrasive baking soda helps to break down and eliminate stains on the teeth while providing a whiter smile.

Crunchy veggies – Greens work wonders on the teeth. Crunchy vegetables get rid of stains on the teeth and they are also good for the overall health of a person.

Use a straw – As mentioned earlier in this article, darker liquids such as coffee and tea can cause stains to form on the teeth.  People can still enjoy these beverages while sipping them through a straw so they will bypass the teeth and head straight to the back of the mouth.

Teeth whitening pens – While teeth whitening pens can help make the teeth whiter, the solution used in the pens doesn’t stay in contact with the teeth for a long period of time. The lack of any long interaction means it doesn’t have as much of a chance to eliminate stains over a long period of time. Teeth whitening pens need to be combined with regular visits to the dentist and brushing the teeth on a regular basis.

Visit a Dentist on a Regular Basis to Smile like a Celebrity

Following the steps above can help a person have a whiter and brighter smile on a daily basis. Making the decision to visit a board-certified dentist for help can cause a person to enjoy whiter teeth and a smile like a celebrity. Once a patient visits the dentist and achieves the desired results, it is important to follow the instructions of the dentist to maintain the results for a long period of time. Having a bright smile makes a person look happier and it also helps to break the ice when they meet new people in a business or social setting. Be sure and smile! It’s good for the self-confidence of a person and also makes them look like a celebrity to others.

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