Simon Cowell - Is His Face Stuck?

Posted May 26, 2021
Did Simon Cowell have botox and fillers

Simon Cowell is known for his years in the music industry as well as his time as a judge on “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”. He is also known for focusing on his looks by maintaining a youthful appearance. While he has not been open in the past about any changes he made to his face, the gossip surrounding his current look has some celebrity watchers wondering if there is something wrong with his face. Here is the question many people are asking about this reality TV star:

Is his face stuck?????

Simon Cowell – Suspected Botox and Fillers

Simon Cowell Suspected Botox and FillersAccording to some medical experts, years of use of Botox and fillers have left Simon Cowell’s face stuck with an appearance that makes him look sad all the time. These medical experts are saying that the use of too much Botox and fillers can make the face seem like it is “frozen in place”.

When speaking to The Mirror newspaper, a group of cosmetic surgery experts all agreed that Simon Cowell has undergone a lot of work on his face in order to retain a youthful look. Cowell is 61 years of age and, as mentioned above, he seems to be worried about keeping a youthful look even though his actual age is not considered to be a youthful one.

The newspaper shared several photos of Simon Cowell with two cosmetic surgery experts, Dr. Sarah Tonks and Dr. Alex Karidis, in order to get their thoughts on the current appearance of Simon Cowell.

According to Dr. Sarah Tonks, “There’s not a line on his forehead. Not one line. So he’s either had a very stress-free life or there’s some Botox in there. He has definitely not had a stress-free life. Maybe he’s had filler in the jawline, maybe he’s had his face lifted at this point. After keeping up with the Botox jabs, by 2012 his eyebrows have started drooping.”

When looking at a photo dating back to 2016, Dr. Alex Karidis said, “I suspect he’s had filler to try to lift any kind of natural sagging that’s occurring in the cheeks…You can overdo things and it can make your face look too wide and unnatural.”

Did Simon Cowell not Listen to His Parents?

There seems to be one common phrase that all kids hear when they are quite young. Whenever they make a silly or ugly face, it seems like there is always a mother or father on hand to remind the child to be careful as their face “might get stuck like that”.

According to the experts quoted above, it seems like that might be the problem for Simon Cowell and that his face might be “stuck” in a permanent sad position.

Botox Examined

Botox ExaminedOne of the treatments listed above that might be causing the current appearance of Cowell, due to its overuse, is Botox.

Botox is a refined form of botulinum toxin that works to smooth the skin and lessen the look of wrinkles in the treated area of the face. Botox is injected into a muscle located near a wrinkle so neuromuscular blockers can limit the amount of muscle contractions in the targeted area of the face. When it comes to Botox treatments for the face, the areas that respond well include the forehead, the corners of the eyes and the area above the nose. Botox is able to relax the muscles in the face so the skin is not being pulled on a continuous basis and the face is able to achieve a smooth appearance.

A fine needle is used to inject the Botox into the targeted section of the face. The doctor will thoroughly clean the area that is being treated before placing the needle in the skin. The amount of Botox injected into the patient depends on the desired final results and the size of the area being treated. The procedure can be performed in just a few minutes and the patient can go home after the treatment.

Fillers Explained

Fillers are used to lessen the look of facial lines and to also restore some of the volume that is lost in the face as a person gets older. Fillers can get rid of smile lines along with gaining a plump look to the cheeks or lips. Fillers are made of a variety of materials including collagen, hyaluronic acid and poly-L-lactic acid. The type and amount of filler used by the doctor depends on the final results desired by the patient. The treatment can take 30 minutes (or less) to perform and patients can go home after the treatment.

Botox and Fillers – Consult with a Doctor

While Botox and fillers are both effective in giving a patient a rejuvenated and more youthful look, the results are not permanent which means the patient will need to have follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

Patients that are interested in having either treatment are advised to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in safely administering the placement of Botox and fillers. The doctor can set realistic results for the patient and also safely supervise the treatment so a patient does not get a permanent “sad face” like Simon Cowell.

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