Selena Gomez Altered Appearance – Is Celebrity Plastic Surgery the Reason?

Posted September 29, 2021
Plastic surgery speculation for Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been having a great month professionally with the success of her show, "Only Murders in the Building", on Hulu. Even though she has not been in the news much lately for her singing career, she is still a very popular entertainer and one that is often discussed when it comes to the appearance of celebrities. There have been questions about her appearance ever since she stepped into the spotlight with many of her fans wondering if plastic surgery is the reason for the changes in her look.

Selena Gomez and Her Swimwear Photos

Selena recently released a collaboration with La'Mariette's swimwear that included photos of her modeling the swimwear. Her appearance in the photos has caused some of her fans to question whether or not she had plastic surgery after viewing the photographs. They are specifically curious if she had enhancements made to parts of her body.

According to the Page Six website, Selena teamed up with her friend, Theresa Mingus, along with Morgan Brutocao in order to create the swimwear line. It was reported that Selena took part in all aspects of creating the appearance and style of the products. Once she posted a series of images promoting the items available for purchase by modeling them in the photos, the merchandise sold out almost immediately and was deemed a success. 

When asked about creating the new swimwear line, Gomez said "After going through swatches, my favorite color was purple. I wanted to stay away from colors I'm used to like red and white. Purple felt different for me and we added pops of color like green and neons here and there; it really becomes your own suit however you wear it."

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Speculation

After viewing the photos of her wearing the swimwear, many of her fans were curious why her breasts had such an enlarged look. Some people even compared the appearance of her breasts to the look of Nicki Minaj. 

Even with the gossip, the majority of the public simply commented on how great she looked in the pictures. They were also happy the former teen actor felt empowered enough to show off her body without having a skinny waist like many models or washboard abs.

These photos were not the first time Selena has been the subject of breast augmentation gossip. Back in 2014, E! News reported that her fans were speculating that the star had her breasts enhanced. She was only 22 years old at the time and the speculation started after photos of her were released where she was wearing a low-cut top. At the time, inside sources told E! there was no truth to the gossip about possible celebrity plastic surgery on the part of Gomez.

Then, in 2018, there were new rumblings of possible work done on her appearance after she removed her most "liked" photo from Instagram. The post, consisting of two photos, showed Selena, in a strapless dress while holding a drink in her hand. The comments on the post, as well as on other social media platforms like Twitter, seemed to focus almost entirely on the fact that her breasts had a much bigger look than what had been visible to the public in the past.

The following year saw Life & Style Magazine interview two plastic surgeons about the possibility of Selena Gomez having breast augmentation surgery. The two doctors both agreed there was a very real possibility that the star had undergone cosmetic breast surgery. Even though neither of the doctors had treated Selena in the past, they both felt it was almost a certainty that Gomez had some work performed on her breasts in the past.

When it came to other parts of her body, the two doctors were not as certain about changes made to her appearance. They did not think she had much, if any, cosmetic surgery performed on her facial features. Changes to the appearance of her face has been a large topic of discussion among her fans for several years. The opinion of the two doctors is in conflict with a good number of her fans who think that Gomez either had fillers placed in her face or she has undergone some type of minor cosmetic procedure to maintain her youthful look.

Selena Gomez - Changes as She Ages?

There is also the theory that the changes in her look are simply the result of the aging process. The public has watched her grow up before their eyes and it is a fact of life that the appearance of people changes as they get older.

All of the gossip above will likely remain speculation as she is unlikely to make any public comments about her appearance in the near future. If she did make some cosmetic enhancements to her body, it is up to her whether or not she wants to share that information with her fans as well as the general public. 

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