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Posted February 03, 2023

Patients who are self-conscious about having cheekbones that are not very visible can address the issue of low cheekbones by having fillers placed in the cheeks. The use of cheek fillers gives the patient a look to the cheeks that is lifted and smoother thanks to the addition of volume in the cheeks and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Anyone who is interested in having cheek fillers injected into the targeted area of the body will benefit from the information contained in this educational article.

Our in-depth look at the benefits of cheek fillers begins with the latest video on the subject from Cosmetic Town TV:

Cheek Fillers Explained

Cheek Fillers ExplainedIn general, cheek fillers are injections of dermal fillers that are placed in the cheeks to increase the volume of the area that is above and around the cheekbones. The addition of volume in this area gives an improvement to the definition of the bone structure and a reduction in the appearance of any wrinkles and fine lines in the targeted area.

There are multiple choices when it comes to the type of materials that are used in cheek fillers. These materials include hyaluronic acid (such as Restylane and Juvéderm) and polylactic acid (Sculptra) and they are recommended for use in the area under the eyes and the cheeks.

The treatment starts with the marketing of certain points on the face, so the doctor knows where to place the injections. The doctor will then clean the injection sites with an antibacterial agent so the injections can be performed. The cheek fillers are then placed in the cheeks and the doctor will also massage the area to ensure the results do not include any lumps or bumps. Once the results are evaluated by the doctor, an additional amount of fillers will be added (if necessary) to gain the desired results.

Ideal candidates for cheek fillers include a person with wrinkles or folds on the face that are classified as moderate or severe. A good candidate for the treatment also includes someone with hollows in the area of the cheeks and temples, bags or lines under the eyes, and cheeks that are flat or lacking definition.

Cheek Fillers – Recovery and Results

During the initial period after the procedure, patients should avoid sleeping on their cheeks. Instead, they should sleep flat on their back while also avoiding any strenuous exercise for a few days.

Some of the results will be visible immediately after the procedure but it can take a few days for the filler to settle into the desired position on the face. The cheeks will enjoy a gentle lift and the area of the skin that surrounds the treated portion of the face will also experience a greater amount of tightness and rejuvenation. In most cases, the patient will not need any downtime and, except for avoiding any strenuous exercise, most activities can be resumed right away. The final results can last anywhere from six months to one year and the length of the results depends on the amount of filler placed in the cheeks as well as the type of filler used by the doctor. The patient will need to have follow-up treatments in order to maintain the results.

Cheek Fillers – Benefits and Side Effects of the Treatment

When it comes to having cheek fillers, some of the most common benefits include the fact that the procedure is noninvasive, the recovery time is quick, and the results are not permanent so anyone who is not happy with the appearance of the results will revert to their original look once the fillers are absorbed by the body.

They are considered to be a safe treatment option but there are also some common risks and side effects of having cheek fillers placed in the body. These side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, itching, and less then desired aesthetic results due to lumps or an asymmetrical appearance.

Cheek Fillers – How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of cheek fillers is anywhere from $600-$2000. The total cost of the procedure depends on the type of filler placed in the cheeks, the amount of filler used by the doctor, the level of expertise of the medical professional, and any additional fees that are charged by the doctor or the medical facility. It is important to remember that cheek fillers are not considered to be medically necessary so the cost of the treatment is not covered by health insurance.

Cheek Fillers – Find an Experienced Doctor

The first step in the cheek fillers process is finding a doctor who is properly trained and experienced in performing the treatment. A doctor with the proper experience and an artistic eye is able to perform the necessary steps to provide results that are natural in appearance and do not have an asymmetrical look that makes it obvious that some form of cosmetic treatment has been performed on the face. An experienced and professional cheek fillers doctor has the necessary skills to give patients a look that is younger and refreshed thanks to the addition of volume in the cheeks.

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