Plastic Surgery for Tara Lapinski?

Posted January 17, 2018

The Winter Olympics are next month and, as always, figure skating will be one of the big events on TV. However, attention is already being focused on a former skater and her suspected plastic surgery.

Tara Lapinski competed in the 1998 Olympics and she is now a broadcaster for figure skating events. During recent trials for the USA figure skating team, viewers noticed she looked a little different. According to Google Trends, searches for plastic surgery and Tara went up nearly 500 percent over the past week.

Life & Style Magazine reached out to Dr. Tal Rounder, a plastic surgeon in Florida to discuss Tara’s new look. After looking at photos of her, he said it looks like Tara has gotten Botox on the upper face for crow’s feet and her forehead. He went on to say it looks like she also had upper eyelid surgery. Dr. Rounder also mentioned Tara might have gotten fillers in her cheekbones and, possibly, in her upper lip because they look a little fuller. Finally, he pointed out less subtle changes to her nose, which might be due to a nose job, and her chin which might be due to fillers or an implant.

Lapinski has never responded to cosmetic surgery rumors. However, she does credit her age-defying beauty on getting a good night's sleep. Tara told The Huffington Post, “Nine hours. I needed nine hours [when competing], and I still do. Seven hours I can sort of work on, but once we’re below seven, I’m in a fog.”

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