How is New Technology Making a Revolutionary Change in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery?

Posted November 07, 2018
How is new technology changing the field of cosmetic surgery

The medical industry as a whole, and that includes the cosmetic surgery industry, has greatly evolved over the last few years. Technological advancements have brought about more natural looking results and some big changes in the way procedures are performed. The technology used in the field of cosmetic surgery, as well as everyday technology, has created changes that revolutionized the industry and here are just some of the reasons why these changes have taken place.

Social Media

The speed, efficiency and widespread use of social media as an advance in technology have greatly changed the way the public views cosmetic surgery. Almost everyone has a presence on social media and, as a result, the various social media platforms have made the ability to learn more about cosmetic surgery easier for everyone. They also exert great influence on others as more people take to social media to “show off” their plastic surgery results to others. This has increased the pressure felt by many to look perfect at all times and deal with areas on their body they view as having flaws or not being as ideal as they wish when it comes to their appearance. They use fillers or Botox or other treatments to look perfect for the camera.


Lasers can do a variety of tasks that improve the appearance of a person. From hair removal to improving the eyesight of a patient, laser procedures have revolutionized the natural and long lasting results available from the cosmetic surgery industry. Laser procedures allow patients to get the results they desire without the need to go under the knife. In addition, laser procedures are often available at a lower price than traditional surgery since they often do not involve a patient needing to have anesthesia during the surgery.


The invention of micosurgery has allowed doctors to offer reduced recovery times. These surgeries make tiny incisions thanks to microscope devices being used during the procedures. There is also much less scarring that happens than in the past. Patients are able to have a procedure without having to take weeks off of work for recovery time and there is much less of a risk of infection.

Let’s Ask an Expert

There are so many new technologies and methods available to doctors and patients that surgeons need to make sure they are taking the necessary steps to stay up to date on the latest technology. Cosmetic Town News reached out to Andrew Cohen, MD FACS and a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon from Beverly Hills, about any limitations from the use of new plastic surgery technology.

Dr. Cohen said that “there are really no limitations when it comes to new technology for plastic surgery. We have machines to freeze fat, to heat fat, to tighten skin and to resurface the skin. There are lasers that work to remove red spots, brown spots and tattoos of all colors. It has become limitless. As of 2018, there are so many new machines and technologies that are coming out that it is hard for patients and doctors to keep up with them.  For patients, it is important for them to trust only a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has good credentials and experience in the area that they would like to have treated.  It is best to see lots of pictures and be informed as to the risks and benefits of the procedure of choice. It is important to note that new technologies still do not take the place of, or even come close to, what a surgery can do for patients. By far, surgery still gives the best long-term and predictable results in comparison to non-surgical technology. 

When asked to follow up on the thought that it is hard for doctors and patients to keep up with all of the new technology on the market, Dr. Cohen remarked that “we keep up with the latest technology by reading our journals and by going to local or national meetings to keep informed. We share our knowledge with each other. The other way we keep up with changes is from viewing social media such as Instagram and from websites such as Cosmetic Town. We all learn from each other just as patients do!”



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