Will Melissa Gilbert Have More Plastic Surgery?

Posted February 19, 2018

Actress Melissa Gilbert says she is done going under the knife. The 53-year-old former star of “Little House on the Prairie” told the magazine, “First For Women”; she has long been plagued with the idea of growing older in the spotlight and is now looking forward to aging naturally.

She discussed a mentality in Hollywood that doesn’t allow women to age or gain weight. She mentioned some of the procedures she had included rhinoplasty, a boob job, fillers and Botox.

She decided to have her breast implants removed, and to stop using fillers and Botox, because she is trying to embrace the process of aging. 

Gilbert says she has a new appreciation for her body. According to the actress, her body was able to hold up through serious injuries and major health issues. For the moment, she is pain-free and relatively healthy and strong. She loves working and living life with her husband. In general, body image issues don’t bother her anymore.

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