Kim Kardashian Having Plastic Surgery To Cure Cankles?

Posted October 10, 2017
Kim Kardashian Having Plastic Surgery To Cure Cankles?

Is Kim Kardashian having plastic surgery to “cure” her cankles? That’s what a certain webloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop has exclusively learned the truth.

“Kardashian In Crisis! Inside Kim’s Secret Plastic Surgery Plan To Cure Her Cankles,” RadarOnline is dramatically blaring. According to the accompanying story, “Cankle-clad Kim Kardashian is gearing up to undergo a secret plastic surgery procedure in order to cure her swollen feet.” It’s alleged “pals close to the reality star say her torn-up trotters have been so tortured over the years” that she’s now “starting to experience the beginning of a dreaded medical condition.” Consequently, she’s supposedly “paying a visit to the plastic surgeon” and “preparing to go under the knife again in an effort to save her failing feet.”

What’s the purported “painful medical reason” for the alleged surgery? A so-called “snitch” claims to the site, “She’s tortured her feet for years in stilettos and she is experiencing the beginning of ‘hammer toe.’ She’s looking to book in to get it fixed before it becomes obvious.” The webloid maintains that “to Kim’s dismay,” the recovery period “can take almost a year,” with the supposed source adding, “She wanted to be back in heels within a week!”

But RadarOnline doesn’t seem to realize that cankles and hammer toe are two completely separate issues. One does not cause the other and they are related to entirely different parts of the foot. It makes no sense to claim Kardashian plans to “cure her cankles” by having surgery on a hamer toe. The online publication is also trying to deceive readers by featuring old photos of Kardashian’s feet that were taken while she was pregnant. The main picture, for example, which was picked to emphasize the reality star’s foot swelling, is actually from May 2013, one month before she gave birth to North West (see below).

So, the outlet has combined its illogical allegations with a misleading set of photos. And this isn’t the first time the site has seemingly made-up a plastic surgery story about the reality star. Earlier this year, for example, we busted the webloid for falsely claiming Kardashian had breast reduction surgery. Before that, in early 2016, there was an untrue report about “drastic” plastic surgery on her nose. Like with those cases, Kardashian’s spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop this new story about surgery on her feet is “false,” too. RadarOnline also has a habit of absurdly claiming Kardashian is in “crisis,” as it does here. But it’s clear the only one with a problem is the publication itself.

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