Has Vladimir Putin Had Too Much Filler?

Posted March 07, 2022
Russian President gets fillers

Vladimir Putin has proven himself time and again to be a hostile dictator with no regard for human life. Most of us likely feel completely powerless to do anything about the atrocities he’s inflicting on the people of Ukraine, as well as the citizens of his own country who dare to speak out against him.

However, being the President of a country doesn’t make one immune to wanting cosmetic procedures, as we’ve explored previously in regards to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump’s hair restoration procedures. This is also the case for Vladimir Putin, whose appearance is once again under scrutiny.

Australian Cosmetic Surgeon Ridicules Putin

A prominent cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, Australia recently took it upon himself to take out his own frustration by publicly ridiculing Putin in an instagram post for having “too much filler.” Based on the comments on his post, many of his followers also welcomed the opportunity to openly mock the Russian dictator for his ongoing cosmetic procedures.

In the instagram post, Dr. Jake Sloane blasted Putin for his excessive use of filler by comparing him to an “elderly Cushingoid cat”. While it’s typically frowned upon to mock anyone for their use of injectables or other cosmetic procedures, Dr. Sloane said he had no problems putting his own ethics aside to ridicule Putin for the way he looks as a result of the alleged cosmetic work he’s had done to his face.

Speculation About Putin’s Cosmetic Procedures

Speculation About Putin Cosmetic ProcedureThere have been rumors about Putin’s cosmetic procedures circulating for years, dating all the way back to 2011 when Putin was seen in public with a black eye. Many plastic surgeons went on record at the time claiming that the black eye was very likely the result of either botox or fillers. The speculations were so rampant, in fact, that Putin himself responded publicly to the rumors, denying that he had any cosmetic procedures done at all.

There’s good reason to believe that Putin has been getting fillers for at least the past decade, particularly when you compare current pictures of his face with older pictures. As a general rule, most people’s faces become thinner with age, due in large part to decreased collagen production in the body which can leave the skin looser and saggier. However, it’s impossible to deny that Putin’s face has done the opposite as the years have gone by, with his face now looking more full and puffy than ever before.

In addition to the fillers, there is also speculation in the cosmetic community that the Russian tyrant has also undergone and eye lift and a chin lift, all of which would be a way for him to try and maintain a more youthful appearance.

Accusations of Steroid Use

However, not everyone is convinced that his appearance is the result of cosmetic procedures. Lord David Owen, who is a doctor and the former UK Foreign Secretary, believes that the changes in Putin’s face are a direct result of his alleged steroid use. He argues that the use of steroids has also been shown to change the shape of ones face, not to mention contribute to aggressive behavior. This theory also lines up with the type of person Putin is known to be.

While we may not know for certain what work Putin has had done to make himself look the way he looks, we can likely all agree that no amount of filler, botox, or any other cosmetic procedure can make someone like Putin more attractive.

And if you need a palate cleanser after reading this article, feel free to check out this video where we discuss the possible use of botox and filler by Hollywood A-lister, Bradley Cooper. 

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