See the Difference Plastic Surgery Made in the Life of an OnlyFans Model

Posted September 29, 2022
How plastic surgery changed life of model

One of the main reasons patients want to have plastic surgery is to achieve the look they have always dreamed of having when it comes to their body. They feel that changing the shape, size, or contour of certain areas of the body will make them happier and also help them gain a better outlook or self-image regarding their appearance. This description of the reasons for plastic surgery definitely fits an OnlyFans Model who lives in Las Vegas. Here is an in-depth look of the transformation undergone by Jazmyne Day and how she is definitely happier now than she was before her multiple plastic surgery procedures.

OnlyFans Model Transforms Her Figure and Her Life

Jazmyne Day Transforms Her FigureJazmyne Day is a 27-year-old OnlyFans model who is well-known for having numerous plastic surgery procedures to alter her appearance. Unlike many people who only want to share their current appearance, Day has actually revealed what she looked like before she had any changes made to her look over the years.

Day, originally from Wales but currently living in Las Vegas, is a successful adult content creator who has shared her various plastic surgery procedures with her fans. In the past, she has undergone two breast augmentation surgeries, rhinoplasty (AKA a nose job), a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), Botox, and fillers in her buttocks.

In an interview with a newspaper, Day said, “I always had the look I wanted to achieve in my head, a fit and slim body with exaggerated curves. So when I started my fitness journey I had the plastic surgery I wanted in mind.”

Day went on to add her own personal philosophy about having plastic surgery and the alterations it can make to the life of a patient. “Plastic surgery is life-changing. If you don’t like something about yourself, it gives you a chance to change it, and in turn, change your entire life.”

Jazmyne Day – Comes into Her Own with Cosmetic Dental Surgery

In her own words, Day says she used to be a “frumpy accountant” before she was able to make the changes to her appearance that have helped turn her life around. Day remarked how she did not have any confidence about herself or her look which also made her depressed and unhealthy. However, all of that changed when she made the decision to have plastic surgery.

According to Day, “The physical changes are obvious, but the mental ones are even more profound. I was such an unhappy person. Depressed and scared, not confident. Invisible? Now? I’m loving life!”

The changes to her appearance are not limited to her breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, fillers, and Botox. She also acknowledges the positive changes to her mental health that occurred after a visit to the dentist.

In the past, Day was not confident in the look of her mouth and was both terrified to smile and embarrassed by the look of her mouth. She would simply keep her lips pressed together so there was not any chance for others to be able to view her teeth. Her insecurity about her mouth also extended to Day being insecure about having to speak in front of other people.

After being told by five dentists in the United Kingdom that none of them could help the appearance of her teeth, she started to think nothing could be done for her mouth. “They all said my issues were just too much; my crossbite was too severe. I was missing too many teeth, and the ones I had were too crooked. I had resigned myself to never being able to smile for the rest of my life.”

She added, “That was until I went to Thailand. A brilliant and kind Thai dentist took on my case and after 40 hours in a dentist’s chair, she was able to give me a beautiful smile! I would say that changed my life more than any other procedure I had done. The confidence it gave me was unlike anything else. Though I literally had to practice how to smile, since I had no idea how to do it while showing teeth,”

Jazmyne Day – Advice for Others Who Want Plastic Surgery

Even though Day is happy with the results of her plastic surgery procedures, she cautions others about having any type of treatment before learning more about their doctor of choice.

“First, do your research! Look up your doctors and really explore their history. Don’t just go off of social media.” She recommended using Google and websites such as Cosmetic Town to find reviews of a doctor and to also make sure the doctor that patients have in mind is a board-certified surgeon.

“Secondly, make sure you are doing surgery for yourself. It’s your body and no one else has to live inside it except for you.” She also advised patients to not let anyone else “convince you to do something you don’t want to do.”

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