Cosmetic Surgery in India Increases your Height

Posted May 13, 2016

For many cultures, being tall is usually seen as a blessing. In Western culture, being tall is a highly attractive feature among women if not more so than men. In fact, most runway models are over six feet tall! Even in sports, height can give you a great advantage over your competition, especially in basketball. Many of us don’t realize it but height plays a big factor in our lives!

Surprisingly, the country that took this obsession of a person’s height to the next level happens to be India.  In case you didn’t know, not only is it attractive to be tall in India, it is also a way to increase the odds of prosperity and career opportunities. This could be the main reason why India has been experiencing a boom in a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to lengthen limbs and make you 3 inches taller.

The controversial Ilizarov technique was pioneered in Soviet Russia during the 1950s from a little known town called Kurgan. It was invented by a Polish man named Gavriil Ilizarov and was originally designed to correct lower limb length discrepancies in children.  Lower limb length discrepancy occurs on the legs, thighs or feet and is usually caused by:

  • Trauma – Fractures of the distal femur can destroy the growth plate and cause irregularities.
  • Severe Infections – Septic arthritis of the hip, neonatal osteomyelitis and multifocal can cause growth retardation of the lower extremities.
  • Pathological Bone Disorders – These include osteogenesis imperfecta, metabolic bone diseases like rickets and hypophosphatemia, and also skeletal dysplasia.
  • Congenital Deformities – May include fibular hemimelia, tibial hemimelia, posteromedial bowing of the tibia, congenital pseufoarthosis of the tibia, short femur and proximal femoral focal deficiency.

By breaking the bones and wearing braces until the patient is able to walk again, this procedure has been known to correct growth irregularities of the lower limbs. However, its potential to increase your height solely for aesthetic purposes was not realized until recently.

Dr. Amar Sarin, an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, India, has taken it upon himself to adapt the Ilzarov technique for patients who can afford the procedure and choose to ignore its safety concerns. Critics argue that plastic surgery in India is minimally regulated at best and while there are well trained doctors available, few of them has ever done an orthopedic operation designed to stretch the bones.

Despite all the negative press, Dr. Sarin claims that “it is a growing trend in India” and patients from across the globe who have been clamoring for an opportunity to be taller are lining up for the procedure in droves. To top it off, plastic surgery in India is incredibly cheap in comparison to other countries so it’s no wonder people are so inclined to have the procedure.

For some, the allure of being able to defy your genetic limitations is just too irresistible while others simply want to have an edge in their society or career. Either way, this procedure is here to stay and demand for it will only increase in time. Soon, Western plastic surgery societies will take interest and proper regulations and training for the Ilzarov technique will be implemented. Prices will hike up but reliability and safety of the treatment should increase as well.

- KT


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