Celebrity Plastic Surgery & the Golden Ratio of Beauty

Posted August 12, 2020
Celebrity plastic surgery & the golden ratio of beauty

One of the main reasons that plastic surgery patients want to look like their favorite celebrity is because many movie and TV stars seem to have a flawless look when it comes to both their body and their face. Some people want to achieve the look they see on the red carpet when it comes to reality TV stars like the Kardashians as well as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez that are known for success in both the music and movie industries. While some celebrities are best known for one body part, such as Kim Kardashian and her ample booty, there are other stars that have achieved what is referred to as the “golden ratio of beauty” when it comes to their facial features. This informative article is designed to give more information about this “perfect look” as well as some of the Hollywood celebrities that are often considered to possess the “golden ratio of beauty”.

Golden Ratio of Beauty Defined

When it comes to the phrase “golden ratio of beauty” of the face, the origin of the term goes all the way back to ancient Greece. There is also another name for it and this name is “Phi” which is named after a Greek sculptor. In general, it is a method of measuring and determining the aesthetic ratios used to rate the optimum levels for both appearance and function of the face:

  • The first step in determining the level of beauty is measuring the width and length of the face. The length is then divided by the width. The ideal golden ratio result is around 1.6 which means the optimum beauty for a face is one where the length is about 1.5 times wider than its width.
  • When it comes to the three segments of the face, they are the forehead hairline to a spot below the eyes, the area between the eyes to the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. A person is viewed as being more beautiful if the numbers are equal.
  • If the length of an ear is equal to the length of the nose, and the width of the eye is considered to be equal to the distance between the eyes, the face is considered to be perfect.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Celebrities that are “Perfect"

There are many celebrities, both new and old, that are viewed as being aesthetically appealing to the point that their looks are considered to be “perfect”. It should be remembered that the people considered to be “beautiful” or “perfect” are often determined in a manner that is not agreed upon be everyone. In the past, the female celebrities that were considered to be classically beautiful included Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo. These days, classically beautiful female celebrities include names such as Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence. It is has been argued that some of these current celebrities, such as Blake Lively, have undergone celebrity plastic surgery to enhance and alter their appearance but many of these female stars have remained quiet about their suspected cosmetic surgery procedures,

There are also many male celebrities that have been hailed as being “perfect” in appearance. Male movies stars that were looked upon as having a superior appearance included James Dean, Cary Grant, Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Some of the current male celebrities that are known for having a look that others want to emulate include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise. In addition, Clooney and Cruise are just a few of the top male actors in the world suspected of having celebrity plastic surgery to enhance their looks for the big screen.

Golden Ratio of Beauty – Achieved through Plastic Surgery?

While it is certainly possible to alter and enhance the look of a person through plastic surgery, the doctor that is performing the procedure must keep the balance of the features in mind when planning for the final results. For example, the nose is one of the most prominent features on the face which means it must remain in proportion and balance with the other features of the face in order to achieve a successful final result when making changes to its appearance.

It is a challenge for doctors to balance the features of the face when making the changes desired by patients. The changes to the upper third of the face can impact the forehead and eyes (such as blepharoplasty) while plastic surgery on the middle third of the face can alter the size or shape of the nose through rhinoplasty. Finally, cosmetic surgery on the lower third of the face can be done to perform chin augmentation. Plastic surgeons must keep both the length and width of the face in mind when making the desired changes and sometimes work must be done on both the bones and deep facial muscles to achieve the final results the patient wants to see.

Golden Ratio of Beauty – Can it be Attained?

Plastic surgeons should take every step possible to keep the particular anatomy of the patient in mind in order to create results that are as close to the desired final results as possible. The first step in trying to achieve the “golden ratio of beauty” is scheduling a consultation appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The doctor will examine the patient to determine if the person is an ideal candidate for the chosen procedure. In addition, the doctor will let the patient know if the desired final results will be close to the “golden ratio of beauty” and if the results can realistically be achieved through plastic surgery.



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