Celebrities with Odd Body Parts!

Posted November 02, 2015

Celebrities are definitely held to a different standard than “everyday people”. Since celebrities are on the red carpet and constantly in the public eye, they are viewed as being a little more beautiful and special than the folks who watch their television shows and pay money to see their movies. It’s sometimes hard to believe that celebrities are just like everyone else in many ways. In fact, not all celebrities were born looking as pretty or handsome as they are in their professional life. Many celebrities were either born with an “odd body part” or acquired it later in life. Here’s a rundown of a few of the odder body parts, that some might even consider deformities, on some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

  • Denzel Washington is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. When Washington was younger, he had an accident while playing basketball that resulted in a broken pinky on his right hand. The finger was not properly set and is now permanently bent at a 45-degree angle.
  • Megan Fox is well known for her beauty on and off screen. However, she requires a hand model for any close-ups that include her thumbs. Fox suffers from a condition known as brachydactyly (clubbed thumb). This condition causes her thumbs to be shorter and wider than the thumbs on other people.
  • Harry Styles is one of the many ex-boyfriends of Taylor Swift as well as a member of One Direction. Styles is also the owner of an extra set of nipples. Style claims he must have been fated to be born a twin and when that didn’t happen, he was gifted with the extra nipples. (There has been so scientific evidence to back up his claim.) There are also some stars with three nipples including singer Lily Allen and movie star Mark Wahlberg. The medical term for having three nipples is polythelia.
  • Karolina Kurkova is a Victoria’s Secret “Angel” as well as a woman without a belly button. This supermodel had surgery as a young girl which resulted in an umbilical hernia leaving her without a belly button
  • Gemma Arterton, Drew Carey and Taye Diggs might not seem like they have much in common at first glance. Gemma is a former “Bond Girl”, Taye is a successful television and Broadway actor and Drew is the host of “The Price Is Right”. However, they were all born with extra appendages. Arterton and Diggs were born with six fingers on each hand while Carey was born with six toes on his right foot.
  • Webbed feet might seem like a rare occurrence but Ashton Kutcher and Dan Aykroyd were both born with webbed toes. Dan has webbed toes on both feet with Ashton only has webbing on his left foot.
  • There are a number of celebrities who have two different eye colors. This is a condition known as heterochromia. Some people suffering from this condition have surgery to correct it while others embrace their unique eyes. Some stars who don’t mind having two eye colors include David Bowie, Kate Bosworth and Mila Kunis.
  • Jennifer Garner is the soon to be former wife of Ben Affleck as well as the owner of an overlapping pinky toe. This condition is known as brachymetatarsia.

It’s sometimes hard to imagine celebrities as anything less than perfect. They seem to have it all with adoring fans and seemingly charmed lives. However, the list above shows that celebrities are subject to the same problems and medical issues that affect those not in the spotlight on a daily basis. If someone is feeling down about life and is full of worries, just remind them that things could be worse. They could have extra nipples, toes or fingers!

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