Buccal Fat - What is It and Why is It Removed?

Posted June 15, 2022
What is a buccal fat pad

The mention of the word “fat” often sends people scrambling to find a way to eliminate an area of fat no matter where it is located on the body. Buccal fat is the fat that sits in the hollow area that is located beneath the cheekbones. Buccal fat is an important component of the face as the amount of buccal fat in the area impacts the shape of the face. If a person is not happy with the appearance of their face, they can attempt to gain a thinner and more narrow appearance to the cheeks by removing some of the buccal fat.

If the procedure is performed thoughtfully, the results will be a more youthful look for the patient. There is a risk of buccal fat pad removal making a person age faster and this possibility is explored in this video from Cosmetic Town TV:

Buccal Fat – What is It and Who Can Have the Surgery?

The formation of buccal fat pad naturally occurs in the body, and it is located deep in the hollow area under each cheekbone. Even though every person has buccal fat pads, they vary in size per person, and they might not even be the same size in the body.

If a person has larger buccal fat pads, they might feel like their face is too full or round in appearance. In order to alter the appearance of the cheeks, the buccal fat pad might be removed for a reduced and contoured look to the cheeks,

Besides being unhappy with the appearance of their cheeks, a person who wants to undergo the procedure needs to be in good health and not have cheeks that are naturally narrow or thin in appearance.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal – The Procedure at a Glance

Buccal Fat Pad Removal At a GlanceThe first part of the buccal fat pad removal process is scheduling a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The patient and the doctor will discuss the goals of the person and they will also review the medical history of the patient. The surgeon will examine the face and even take some photos of the cheeks and face to help in the planning process of removing the fat and providing a better contour to the cheeks.

The removal of buccal fat starts with the administering of anesthesia to the patient in order to minimize discomfort during the surgery. The surgeon makes two incisions inside the mouth of the person and the two incisions are placed on the opposite sides of the mouth. The placement of the incisions on the opposite sides of the mouth allows the surgeon to effectively cut and remove part of the fat pad from each of the cheeks.

Each incision is moved towards the gums, so the fibers of the main cheek muscle are exposed. External pressure is applied by the surgeon in the area below the cheekbone, so the buccal fat pad is able to protrude through the incision. The necessary amount of fat to achieve the desired results is removed and the fat pad is then positioned back into place in the treated area so the incisions can be closed with sutures.

Once the procedure is finished, the patient might be required to follow a diet of soft food or liquids for several days.

The patient will feel soreness in the mouth for a few days and will also experience some bruising and swelling. Some of the results will be visible right away but the final results will not be seen until all of the swelling has resolved on its own.

After about three months, the permanent final results should be visible. The results should be permanent unless the patient experiences a large weight gain that causes the cheeks to start to look chubby again.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal – What are the Risks and Complications?

There are some possible risks and complications involved with the procedure and they include the removal of too much fat, numbness in the face, weakness of the facial muscles, asymmetry of the face, bleeding, prolonged pain and swelling, seroma (which is a collection of fluid under the skin) and hematoma (which is a collection of blood under the skin).

Buccal Fat Pad Removal – How Much Will It Cost?

The total cost of buccal fat pad removal surgery varies per patient because not every person will need to have the same amount of fat removed. In addition, the final price also depends on the extent of the work being performed, the area of the country where the surgery is performed, the fee charged for the anesthesia, and any additional fees that are charged by the medical facility or the surgeon.

Anyone interested in having the surgery should discuss their concerns in advance with their surgeon of choice in order to make an informed and educated decision about having buccal fat pad removal surgery.

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