Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Posted March 25, 2019
Make cheeks slimmer with buccal fat pad removal

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity and one of the most popular cosmetic fat removal procedures is buccal fat pad removal. This cosmetic surgery is performed to reduce the appearance of prominent cheeks. The buccal fat pad is an area of fat in the posterior region of the cheeks and it is located adjacent to the area where the molars are located in the mouth of a patient. Even though the buccal fat pad extends into the temple region and the back of the upper jaw, the central region of the buccal fat pad is where the cosmetic fat reduction takes place. The removal of the buccal fat pad provides a person with slimmer cheeks and a better facial contour.

As this procedure continues to grow in popularity, Cosmetic Town TV recently gave its viewers an in-depth look at buccal fat pad removal:

Buccal Fat Pad Cosmetic Fat Removal

Buccal fat pad removal takes about an hour to perform in the office of a doctor or in a surgical facility. An incision that is 2 or 3-cm long is made on the inside lining of each cheek until the fascia and fibers of the buccinator, AKA the main cheek muscle, are exposed for the surgeon. The doctor will apply external pressure below the cheekbone so the buccal fat pad will stick through the incision.

In order to perform this cosmetic fat removal procedure, the surgeon can use a laser, surgical tweezers or a radio wave device to remove the designated area of fat. Once the amount of fat is removed, the rest of the fat pad is put back into its anatomic site and the incisions are closed. A laser might be used to seal the blood vessels in the area to prevent any excessive bleeding. There are no visible scars since the incisions are made inside the mouth.

Buccal fat pad removal can be performed at the same time as other treatments to give the patient an even greater facial contour. Liposuction can be performed on other areas of the cheek to remove excess fat. Buccal fat pad removal for cosmetic fat reduction can also be done at the same time as a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal Candidates, Recovery and Results

Ideal candidates for cosmetic fat removal via buccal fat pad removal include patients with cheeks that are round and full but they desire a slim look to the face as well as patients looking to achieve more definition to the shape of their cheeks. Ideal candidates also want to gain more prominence in their cheek bones via cosmetic fat reduction.

Buccal fat pad removal recovery will involve some pain and discomfort as well as bruising and numbness for a few days. Patients should sleep with their head elevated so the cheeks are above the heart. They will need to eat soft food for three to five days as well as foods that are not acidic since highly acidic foods can irritate any incisions. After about a week of downtime, patients can normally return to work.

Some of the cosmetic fat removal results from buccal fat pad removal are noticeable almost immediately but the final results won’t be seen until all of the swelling has gone down. The total amount of final results depends on the amount of fat that was removed from the patient. The final cosmetic fat removal results from buccal fat pad removal are usually permanent. The final results can be impacted if the patient puts on extra weight which can cause the cheeks to become chubby again.

Patients should be aware of the fact that buccal fat pad removal cannot provide a skinny face for the patient but it can make a significant impact on the overall shape and contour of the cheeks.

Consult with a Board-Certified Buccal Fat Pad Removal Cosmetic Surgeon

The first step in the buccal fat pad removal process is finding a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in buccal fat pad removal. In addition, the cosmetic surgeon should have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face and also perform cosmetic fat removal via buccal fat pad removal on a regular basis.

Once the surgeon performs a thorough examination of the patient, the doctor can let the patient know the amount of fat that can safely be removed while still providing the person with results that are natural in appearance. In addition, the cosmetic surgeon can also set realistic expectations for the patient so the person will not be surprised or disappointed by the final results. The doctor will also let the person know what is involved in terms of the recovery period and the post-op steps the patient will need to follow in order to achieve and maintain their desired results.

Buccal fat pad removal is an effective and long-lasting cosmetic fat removal procedure. An educated patient is a patient that is prepared for the surgery which is why the consultation appointment is such an important part of the buccal fat pad removal process.



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