Body Positivity and Plastic Surgery - Do They Go Together?

Posted December 26, 2022
Connection of body positivity and plastic surgery

The idea of “body positivity” has grown in the last few years as people are looking to feel good about their body and this includes the appearance of the body. In other words, body positivity is having a positive feeling about the body, no matter how it looks, to the point that you are comfortable in your own skin. However, the opinions on how plastic surgery and body positivity fit together vary across the general public. As beauty standards change and the public embraces body positivity, any decision about making changes to the appearance of the body should not be made without giving the procedure a good amount of thought.

Body Positivity – Closer Examination of What It Means

Body Positivity ExaminationAs mentioned above, beauty standards continue to change but body positivity is less about living up to those beauty standards and more about feeling good about your body. It means you are treating your body with respect and trying to stay as healthy as possible. You are embracing your body and are also aware that there are times when the appearance of your body will not accurately reflect the current standards of beauty. Even though you might not be “in style” with your body, you are happy with the look and the benefits your specific body provides for you.

In general, the idea of body positivity entered the public discussion thanks to the growth of social media. Since social media is sometimes known for altered photos, online bullying, and beauty standards that are hard to attain, the body positivity movement started to grow in popularity. Some of the positive changes that can be seen from this movement include the increased use of curvier models on the runway as well as in printed ads and television commercials.

Plastic Surgery and Body Positivity – Can They Exist Together?

Plastic surgery is performed to make changes to a targeted area of the body as well as modify or make functional improvements by undergoing the desired procedure. In the past, plastic surgery was often viewed as a way to try and fit current beauty standards and to help rich people change their appearance. Is this still true or has the body positivity movement changed public opinion about plastic surgery?

Even though there is not a definitive answer to this question, many fans of body positivity agree that reconstructive surgery to repair parts of the body for medical reasons is a good idea. Some of the types of reconstructive surgery that are viewed in a favorable manner include the repair of cleft lips and palates, breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, and rhinoplasty to help the functionality of a nose so the patient can breathe easier on a daily basis.

There are also some people who support body positivity who are completely against the idea of any type of plastic surgery because they feel everyone should love their body the way it is. They also subscribe to the idea that having plastic surgery simply means the person does not love their body as it currently is which means someone who wants plastic surgery does not believe in body positivity.

On the other hand, there are some supporters of body positivity who feel that some amount of plastic surgery can actually be good for a person. If small enhancements are made to the body, while still maintaining the majority of the current appearance by keeping a natural look, this can work to increase the amount of positivity felt about the body.

Body Positivity – Used to Promote Plastic Surgery

While there is not one specific opinion about how body positivity is connected to plastic surgery, the growth of the body positivity movement did not seem to have a negative impact on the plastic surgery industry. There are some plastic surgeons who are promoting procedures to members of the public who believe in body positivity. These plastic surgeons are promoting the idea that changing the body can lead a person to love it more than ever and that each body is different and should be cared for on an individual basis.

Plastic surgeons also have the goal of providing results that are natural in appearance which means they want to work with the current appearance of the body and enhance its look to the point that it will give a patient a more positive view of their body.

The plastic surgery industry and fans of body positivity both want to help the general public have a greater acceptance of their bodies. If you want to enhance or alter the appearance of a certain part of the body, plastic surgeons want to make sure you consider the reasons behind the desired changes.

No matter your opinion about plastic surgery and body positivity, keep in mind that your opinion might not be shared with others in your family or social circle. Be accepting and encouraging of the opinions of others and give them the proper encouragement to accept their body because they like it instead of trying to please others with their appearance.

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