Best Miami Cosmetic Doctors for a Facelift

Posted February 01, 2019
Discover the best cosmetic facelift doctors in Miami, Florida

As a person ages, changes are seen in the appearance of the face. Wrinkles and fine lines appear and the face can begin to lose volume due to the aging process. In addition, patients might feel like the appearance of their face makes them look older and they would rather look younger to boost their self-esteem.

The desire to make changes to the appearance of the face is not a decision to be made lightly. A facelift is a complex procedure that needs to be performed by a board-certified doctor that is experienced in working with the facial structure of a person. Finding the best doctor to deliver the results you desire is not always an easy task. If you are looking to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of your face by undergoing a facelift, Cosmetic Town is ready to help you find the best doctor to give you results that are long-lasting and natural in appearance.

The following is our 2019 list of the “Best Miami Cosmetic Doctors for a Facelift” as determined by the Cosmetic Town intelligent system:

Want more information about the tools and methods used by our research team to determine the best facelift doctors in Miami? If so, check out the criteria used to choose the top doctors listed in this article:

Cosmetic Town makes it Easy to Find the Best Cosmetic Doctors in Miami

Miami Facelift 411

A facelift is also known as a rhytidectomy. The procedure is performed to reduce the appearance of signs of aging on the face and neck such as fine lines and wrinkles. The change in the look of the face is accomplished by lifting and tightening the underlying facial muscles. The final result is a more youthful appearance to the face as well as a better contour. While the surgeon is making the desired changes to the facial muscles, additional work is being performed to remove excess skin and fat that can make a person look older than the actual age of the patient.

There are multiple options when it comes to facelift techniques and they include:

  • Traditional Facelift/Full Facelift – The surgeon works to reverse the look of cheeks that sag and also improve the appearance of excess skin and fat and deep creases below the eyes. The incision for this type of facelift runs along the temple and then it moves around the ear and down towards the neck.
  • Mini Facelift – A technique that is normally performed using an endoscopic technique. This facelift method treats areas such as the jaw, neck and lower cheeks. The incisions go along the hairline of the patient, as well as behind the ear, so the doctor can lift the muscles to more easily remove the desired amount of skin and fat.
  • Mid Facelift – This technique is performed in order to address the tissues located around the cheeks and below the eyes. These tissues are lifted and tightened. The incisions are also placed deeper than a full facelift so the surgeon can reach the muscles that are normally addressed during a traditional facelift.
  • Lower Facelift – This facelift technique addresses issues on the bottom third of the face so the doctor can get rid of any jowls. A lower facelift also lifts the corners of the mouth that sag as well as enhance the appearance of the jaw. The incisions made with this method will run along the hairline and the ears.
  • Thread Facelift – The surgeon will make tiny incisions that are located below the skin. These incisions allow the doctor to better lift the underlying muscles without resulting in any visible scars.

Patients Travel to Miami for Facelifts

Miami is a popular destination for a facelift procedure thanks to results that are natural in appearance and long-lasting. There are also a large number of board-certified doctors currently performing facelifts in Miami and this gives patients many options when it comes to picking a surgeon. It also means that patients need to perform proper research and find out all of the information they can about their surgeon of choice. Once the decision regarding a doctor is made, patients should schedule a consultation appointment so the doctor can examine the patient and determine the best method to achieve the desired results.



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