Discover the Best Celebrity Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs

Posted February 05, 2019
Discover the best celebrity rhinoplasty surgeries

Rhinoplasty, AKA a nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures thanks to its ability to make desired changes in the shape, size and overall appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty is able to enhance or augment the look of the nose and give patients a better self-image about their appearance. In addition, rhinoplasty can also be performed to help improve the functionality of the nose such as the ability of the patient to breathe easier on a daily basis. In general, rhinoplasty is able to make both aesthetic and functional changes to the nose.

Rhinoplasty is performed on patients of all ages and is not limited to “everyday people”. It is also performed on celebrities and the changes in their appearance catch the attention of gossip sites and entertainment news shows.

Cosmetic Town TV has a closer look at some of the best examples of celebrity rhinoplasty and shows why these surgical changes were so successful.

Cindy Kimberly Rhinoplasty

Cindy Kimberly is also known as “Wolfie Cindy” on Instagram. She has taken her “IG fame” beyond Instagram to mainstream fame and is she is now a popular model as well as a trendsetter in the world of fashion. While many people are fans of her appearance, many of these same people also suspect Cindy of undergoing a nose job to alter her appearance.

As mentioned above, rhinoplasty makes changes to the appearance of the nose by altering the skin, bone or cartilage of the person to provide more of a balance to the features of the nose. In addition, a nose job can make the bridge of the nose look narrow in appearance.

When it comes to Cindy Kimberly, many of her fans think she had a nose job to make its overall appearance thinner and more pointed at the tip. As of the publication of this article, Kimberly has not publicly commented on the speculation surrounding her nose. However, Cosmetic Town TV decided to dig deeper for more information about the changes to her nose.

CT TV reached out to Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar of the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center for an expert opinion about the changes to her nose:


Ashlee Simpson Nose JobA Nose Job for Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is one of the rare celebrities to admit to undergoing rhinoplasty in the past. She had the bump on her nose refined and she also narrowed the size of her nose. While she has admitted to the procedure, she claims to have undergone the surgery for functional purposes to help improve her ability to breathe. She is not a fan of addressing the aesthetic changes that were also made to the look of her nose.


Megan Fox Nose Job

Before she gained fame in the Transformers movies, Megan Fox had a much different nose than the one viewed by her fans in the present day. As far back as 2005, the profile of her nose was much wider and she also had a vertical dent, AKA a cleft, at the front tip of her nose. Fast forward to 2007 and the release of the first Transformers movie and her cleft nose is still visible. After 2010, her nose became more refined in its appearance thanks to a smoother nasal tip and the elimination of the vertical tip. Fox has never confirmed if she did have any work performed on her nose.


Blake Lively Rhinoplasty

When it comes to celebrities and rhinoplasty, one of the most obvious cases of a change made to the appearance of a person is Blake Lively. In photos from the mid-2000s, her nose was actually rounder and fatter than before. The appearance of her nose is now narrower on the tip and the bridge. In addition, the distance between her eyebrows has changed and is more balanced. In general, most celebrity watchers agree that her nose is now a better fit with the other features of her face.


Consult with a Board-Certified Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Before making the final decision to have rhinoplasty surgery, patients should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon. If they admire the nose of a certain celebrity and want to try and achieve the same look, they should bring photos of the celebrity in question to the consultation appointment. The doctor can take a look at the celebrity inspiration and help the patient determine the best rhinoplasty technique to achieve the desired results. In addition to talking about the celebrity inspiration for a nose job, the surgeon will examine the current shape of the nose to determine the extent of the changes that can be made by the surgery. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations when it comes to rhinoplasty. They need to know the number of changes they can expect to see after the surgery so they will not be surprised or disappointed by the final results.



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