Cosmetic Town TV Looks at the Benefits of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

Posted October 16, 2018
Skin Rejuvenation with IPL

As a person ages, the skin changes and starts to show such conditions as stretch marks, wrinkles and brown spots. There are different treatments that allow patients to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and get a more youthful appearance. One of the most popular treatment options is known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and it uses a broad-spectrum light to treat a number of conditions on the skin. This procedure can treat a wide variety of skin conditions and is non-surgical. This means that the patient can have the treatment and go about their daily activities immediately after having the procedure at the office of a doctor.

Cosmetic Town TV recently took a closer look at IPL to examine the benefits of the procedure:

What is IPL?

High energy light waves are used during the treatment in order to eliminate or reduce the effects of aging. The procedure also encourages collagen production.

A patient will put protective eyewear on to protect the eyes from the bright flashes of light that occur during the treatment. A gel is placed on the treatment area to keep the skin cool during the procedure. Brief pulses of light are flashed onto the skin through a handpiece. The patient will feel a warm sensation from the handpiece and the number of pulses performed depends on the size of the area being treated.

After the procedure is finished, the doctor might place some ice on the treatment area to eliminate any discomfort from the treatment.

It can often be necessary for patients to have multiple IPL treatments to achieve the desired results. This is especially true if the patient is looking to address multiple issues with the skin. A skilled doctor can determine how many treatments will be necessary to reach the desired appearance.

Ideal Patients

Ideal patients include those with a lighter skin tone and they often have “targets” such as brown spots, blood vessels and general redness in certain areas.  They can also have inflammation caused by rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins and aged or damaged skin that they want to rejuvenate.

Recovery and Results

Since the procedure can be performed in as little as 30-minutes, the recovery time is not very long. There is little damage done to the skin but there might be some redness or darkness that persists for about a week. There can also be some inflammation after the treatment that should resolve on its own. Patients will also develop what is referred to as “chocolate chipping” on the skin following the procedure. This means that the treated skin cells become dry and they look like little chocolate chips. The chocolate chip look will go away a week or two after the IPL is performed. The chocolate chip look simply means that the treatment is being successful in destroying and getting rid of bad pigments.

Patients should avoid being out in the sun for several days and then they should wear sunblock for around two weeks when they go outside. The results can last anywhere between six and twelve months. The length of the results depends on the number of areas being treated and also by how well patients follow the post-treatment instructions from the doctor.


The cost of an IPL treatment can be anywhere from $300-$600 per treatment. Many doctors offer “IPL packages” that include multiple treatment options. These treatments can be less than the price listed above thanks to the fact they are offered as a package deal.

Is it Better than Lasers?

IPL is not seen as being better or worse than receiving a laser treatment. They just involve the emitting of a certain energy wavelength to target and treat the skin. Just like a laser treatment, IPL is best performed by a person experienced in providing superior results while taking extra care to not burn or damage the skin. Patients should do proper research before making a decision regarding the medical professional to perform the IPL treatment. They should look at “before and after” pictures of actual patients and discuss their desired final results with the doctor. It is important to feel safe about having IPL before actually committing to undergoing the treatment.



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