A Spike in Plastic Surgery Demand

Posted January 14, 2016

A new year usually comes with new goals, relationships and possibly even a new breast size.  Plastic surgeons are claiming that there has been a recent spike in demand for new types of breast and butt augmentation procedures, especially in Northern California.

Most cosmetic surgeons will agree that the plastic surgery procedures largely depend on good marketing to be profitable. And with fancy marketing names like Brazilian Tummy Tuck or Natural Breast Lift, it is easy to see why people are more eager to go under the knife. These procedure names sound more appealing than getting a procedure with a name like Bilateral Cingulotomy or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.

Doctors can only guess the reasons behind the recent spike in demand but it seems that modern advancements in plastic surgery have made it possible to achieve more natural looking results while minimizing complications. This makes the results nearly undetectable and makes patients more confident about going under a knife and getting the features they’ve been wanting.

A Brazilian tummy tuck is one such procedure. While a tummy tuck alone is mainly focused on removing excess skin, the Brazilian tummy tuck takes it a step further and also removes unwanted fat. As a result, a better body sculpting result can be achieved since the liposuction contributes in drastically reducing the waist after a tummy tuck.

Gummy Bear implants, or more commonly known as silicone implants, have also seen an increase in demand since the arrival of the New Year.  Perhaps the biggest fear for would be breast implant patients is the fact that  implants have a chance to rupturing or leaking which could cause its contents to end up in the bloodstream causing major complications. However, advancements in silicone technology have made the material more cohesive and virtually rupture resistant. The Gummy Bear implant technology has also been around for quite some time which allows the price to come down to a more affordable level. This price reduction has partly contributed to the increased popularity of the procedure.

Another breast augmentation technique, with a somewhat misleading name, is called the Natural breast lift. Don’t be fooled. This procedure still involves the use of anesthesia, surgeons and state of the art medical equipment which makes it far from natural. Although it is clearly a marketing term, the name, natural breast lift, plays on a technicality simply because the surgeons are using the patient’s own fat and tissue instead of silicone or saline implants to enhance the breast. The patient’s own stem cells are sometimes used to encourage long term retention.

It is not surprising that people are clamoring over plastic surgery procedures mentioned on this list, considering how much safer and more reliable the operations have become.  Not only that, but the prices are also more competitive these days as the number of plastic surgery practices continue to increase.

Even though everything may seem fine and dandy on the surface, plastic surgery operations are by no means a walk in the park. In fact, unlike what some people may think, plastic surgery can be very dangerous and even life threatening in the wrong hands. So before you consider getting one of the trendy procedures on this list, just stop and ask yourself: “do I really need this?”

- KT


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