Has Melania Trump Had Plastic Surgery?

Posted August 17, 2016

While much has been said about Donald Trump and his hairline/possible hair transplant, not as much attention has been paid to the plastic surgery adventures of his wife, Melania Trump. In addition to the controversy surrounding her RNC speech and her immigration story, Mrs. Trump is suspected of undergoing numerous surgeries to alter her appearance.

Trump, born in Slovenia in 1970, has been a model as well as a jewelry and watch designer. While her husband is in a race for the White House, she seems to be in a race to remain youthful. The list of surgeries she is believed to have undergone includes the following:

  • Rhinoplasty – The reason she is suspected of this surgery is the fact that her nose is sharper and more pointed than in years past when she started her modeling career. Mrs. Trump has remained quiet on the subject of any work done on her nose.
  • Breast Implants – The exact time frame of her speculated breast implants is not certain among celebrity watchers. Some people suspect her of having breast implants during her modeling career while others think she didn’t have implants placed until after the birth of her first child. All of the experts do agree that her breasts are now bigger and appear to have a plumper shape thanks to the suspected plastic surgery. Trump has always claimed that her larger breast size is the result of a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.
  • Botox – Many celebrity watchers have commented on the glow of the skin of Mrs. Trump as well as her wrinkle-free appearance well into her 40s. These facial factors have often been followed by whispers of Botox injections that have eliminated any hard lines from her forehead. There has been no comment from her regarding Botox.
  • Fillers – Many insiders say that Melania Trump felt insecure about her looks in the past so she had filler injections to hide signs of aging such as wrinkles. As with many of her other suspected surgical adventures, there has been no comment from Mr. or Mrs. Trump.

While it might never be proven whether or not Melania Trump has undergone any kind of surgery or injections, she does have a natural beauty that stands out when she appears in public. Celebrity watchers hope that she stops the surgical changes to her appearance and lets her natural beauty shine through on a regular basis.

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