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Benefits of Mommy Makeover

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Hootan Daneshmand, MD

Foothill Ranch, CA

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is a combination of procedures performed on a women’s breast and tummy to improve their shape following pregnancy. The procedures involved are tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and in some patient’s, breast lift.

Women’s abdominal muscles start to separate after childbirth with the skin becoming more stretched.  Although the breasts get larger in order to produce milk, they also lose volume following pregnancy, which can make them sag.  Women’s tummies also get bigger after delivery and can remain distended even after extended weight loss. While these physical changes affect some women more than others, women showing signs of wear and tear on their bodies experience similar psychological effects and a general loss of self esteem.  This insecurity can affect a woman’s perception of herself or her sensuality.



Fortunately, these women are good candidates for a mommy makeover procedure.  During a mommy makeover procedure, women can add more volume to their breasts through an augmentation procedure which enhance the breasts and make them full again.  We can combine this procedure with a lift to improve sagging breasts.  We will also incorporate the tummy tuck procedure which will remove the areas of fat and extra skin that are stored in the front and sides of the patient’s stomach.  At the end of this procedure, the patient will have a tighter abdomen with fuller and younger looking breasts.



There are major incentives for patients who are considering a mommy makeover procedure over getting 3 separate procedures over a longer period of time.    The cost of combining all three procedures together is substantially less since the entire operation can be completed within a day.  This financial incentive is similar to when a customer pays for a combination dinner plate instead of ordering a la carte.  The other major incentive is that there is a much shorter recovery time than there would be if the patient had scheduled for three separate sessions.  Women can enjoy their bodies and become productive relatively quickly after their mommy makeover which makes it a good option for those women who want to quickly get back to working and/or active parenting.



Mommy Makeover cost will vary depending on the patient since some patients will require more work than others.  The price of the procedure starts at $10,000 for women who do a combination of tummy tuck with breast augmentation to $15,000 for all three procedures. Some women may have other areas throughout their body that have been affected. However, most women consider this a worthwhile investment since the body they get back should last them a very long time when proper diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices are factored in.  I always stress to my patients that since this procedure is an investment, they should take care of it by treating themselves right and avoiding behaviors that put an unnatural toll on their bodies.  For example, it is generally recommended that patients who want to regain their healthy bodies avoid smoking a few weeks before and after the procedure.



One of the most important questions I ask to qualify my patients is if they are considering having more kids in the near future.  If the women are planning for another pregnancy, my best advice is to have them wait until after they deliver their baby since the childbirth can permanently reverse the effects of the mommy makeover procedure.

Another way I qualify my patients is to ask them about their diet and fitness regimen. My advice to new mothers is to first try to lose weight naturally through diet and exercise.  Many women have been able to restore their fit body after 5-6 months of healthy eating and regular exercise.  Exercises such as light lifting and running can help women build strength and lose weight.  However, there are a number of women whose body is so ravaged after a pregnancy that they are unable to get their old bodies back without help.



The recovery time for a mommy makeover procedure is about a week to ten days after the procedure.  Generally, the tummy takes the longest time to recover since it’s bigger.  Women may find it slightly uncomfortable but easily manageable with the right support system.  Certain women may be hunched over in that time since it may be too painful to keep a regular posture.  This is completely normal since refraining from any strenuous activity actually helps the patient in their recovery. After a week or two, the patient should not only feel comfortable but perfectly functional and ready to take on anything.



The Mommy Makeover is a great way for women whose bodies have been altered by pregnancy to restore their original body.  However, it is extremely important that women meet with and discuss their bodies with their doctor to find out whether a lifestyle change or surgery is the best option.  Women who try to get their bodies back into shape but can’t due to the effects of their pregnancy are the best candidates for a Mommy Makeover.  These patients experience many advantages such as the ability to save time and money due to the shorter operational and recovery time.  However, the most exciting thing about this procedure for women is reclaiming their self confidence.


Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team based on an exclusive interview provided by Dr. Hootan Daneshmand of Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute in Foothill Ranch, CA.