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Beverly Hills Face and Necklift

Andrew Ress, MD

Boca Raton, FL

Beverly Hills Face and Necklift

Aging affects everyone differently—a treatment that works for one patient might not necessarily work for another. Fortunately, many new treatment options have been developed for patients who aren’t necessarily looking for a cookie cutter solution. One such treatment is the Beverly Hills Face & Neck Lift.



As of yet, the Beverly Hills Face & Neck Lift (BHFNL) is the most modern face lift technique available. Each treatment is individualized depending on the patient’s specific needs, so it’s a great treatment for those who aren’t looking for a “cookie cutter” solution. In the BHFNL, five key facial elements are evaluated and treated: skin excess and texture, volume (replace or reduce), malposition correction (i.e. jowls), and symmetry .

Prior to treatment, the surgeon and patient will work together to develop a surgical plan—the most essential part of the BHFNL. The surgeon should know exactly where he or she is moving different elements of the face long before the day of the surgery. To execute the plan, the surgeon utilizes a combination of sculpting and anatomy to create a beautiful, functional end result.



The ideal candidate is someone for whom nonsurgical anti-aging options are having less and less of an effect. After a certain point, Botox and other such fillers lose their efficacy and require more product in order to achieve the same result. Immediately opting for a surgical treatment at the first sign of aging is ill-advised. Beyond this stipulation, any patient interested in the BHFNL (and in good health) can consider it as an option.



As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks in the BHFNL, including bleeding, infection, and aesthetic abnormalities. These possible risks vary from patient to patient, and depend on a wide variety of factors, including the experience of the surgeon, how the patient heals, and other environmental factors. Patients should note that the BHFNL does not introduce any new risks, and instead mirrors the ones patients would be watching out for should they seek out a standard face and/or neck lift.

No matter what facial surgery they intend to have done, patients should always plan to take two weeks off from all social activities. Patients experience very little pain, and can expect to stay on antibiotics for the first several days. Patients should also expect some bruising for the first couple weeks, but can take comfort in knowing that the risk of scarring is extremely low.



The pricing for this treatment varies from region to region, but tends to range anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000. This price point includes anesthesia, operating room costs, and the surgical fees. The surgery tends to take between four and five hours, but, again, this can depend on what work is specifically being done.



If you are interested in the Beverly Hills Face & Neck Lift, it is important to remember to clearly communicate your desired goals and preferences to your surgeon. Going into your consultation with a clear idea of what bothers you will help your surgeon better understand the steps that need to be taken to achieve a desirable result. You should just remember that every patient’s problems are unique to them—no one patient is going to have the exact same concerns. The most important thing is being clear with what troubles you and what you are looking for.