Best Hair transplant Doctors in Los Angeles

A hair transplant is performed to address the issue of thinning or balding hair on the scalp. The best hair transplant doctors in Los Angeles are able to restore the hairline of a patient and give the hair a fuller and more youthful look. Los Angeles hair transplant doctors are visited by patients in their local area as well as hair restoration patients from all across the country thanks to their reputation of providing superior results and the image Los Angeles has gained as a plastic surgery “hot spot” thanks to celebrities coming in and out of the offices of Los Angeles plastic surgeons.

How to choose the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles

The first step in choosing the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles for hair restoration surgery is visiting Cosmetic Town for more information about experienced and board-certified doctors. Cosmetic Town offers a selection of the top-rated doctors in Los Angeles (and the surrounding area) who have a track record of proven results that are natural in appearance. In addition, each hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles is chosen to part of the website based on their quality results and interactions with patients. In addition, the reviews of each doctor are taken into account to make sure they have earned a level of trust from their actual patients.

Types of Hair Transplant

In general, there are two types of hair transplant techniques performed by hair transplant surgeons. The first one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and this procedure involves the moving of one to four hairs from an area on the body with a good amount of donor hair to the section of the scalp that is lacking hair. The hair grafts are removed on an individual basis so there is rarely any noticeable scarring where the hair was removed. The other popular technique is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and this is when hair grafts are removed in their natural grouping through the cutting of a narrow strip of skin from the donor area on the scalp. FUT leaves a noticeable scar on the back of the scalp where the strip of skin was removed by the surgeon.

Am I a Candidate for Hair Transplant?

An ideal candidate for hair transplant is a person who is experiencing typical patterned baldness on the scalp or some other form of hair loss. These additional forms of hair loss can be the result of a medical or psychological condition as well as trauma to the scalp. Ideal candidates also include someone looking to gain a more youthful look or a better self-image thanks to hair restoration.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Cost

The total Los Angeles hair transplant cost depends on the type of hair transplant technique performed by the surgeon, the cost per graft charged by the doctor, the total number of grafts and any additional fees charged by the doctor of the facility. In general, the cost can be anywhere from $5000-$25,000.

Hair Transplant Procedure

A hair transplant procedure is more than the restoration of the hairline. A Los Angeles hair transplant can transform the look and self-confidence of a person and make them more comfortable in work and social situations. Hair transplant revitalizes the appearance of the hairline by giving it an increase in its density and a fuller look that also makes a person look more youthful.

Downtime and Recovery

Patients will see some swelling and redness to the scalp and eyes for a few days, but these conditions will resolve on their own. The transplanted hair will fall out after two to four weeks, but it will start to grow again after three or four months. The final results can take twelve to eighteen months to be seen and the final results are permanent.