Best Lip Augmentation Doctor in Beverly Hills

Lip augmentation is performed to give the appearance of the lips a more enhanced look thanks to the placement of lip implants, the injection of lip fillers or the performance of fat transfer. Patients often choose Beverly Hills lip augmentation procedures because of the popularity of Beverly Hills as a destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. The best lip augmentation doctor in Beverly Hills is a doctor who has the experience and artistic eye to provide lip augmentation results that are natural in appearance. Patients who want to have the procedure are often looking to restore volume that has been lost as they age or because they have lips that are naturally thin in appearance. In addition to their skills and experience, the best lip augmentation doctor in Beverly Hills is a person who takes the time to listen to the patient in order to learn more about their desired results while also examining the current condition of the lips to make sure the person is an ideal candidate for the treatment.

How to choose the best lip augmentation doctor in Beverly Hills

The process of choosing the best lip augmentation doctor in Beverly Hills starts with research on the part of the patient. Cosmetic Town is one of the most informative online resources that allows patients to learn more about doctors in Beverly Hills. Cosmetic Town offers a wide selection of the top-rated surgeons in Beverly Hills. The doctors are picked for inclusion on the website following a review process that incudes determining the level of trust they have built with their patients along with the level of quality results the doctors provide on a regular basis. Reviews from actual patients are also considered so anyone browsing the Cosmetic Town website can be assured their doctor of choice keeps the needs and health of the patient in mind.

How much does lip augmentation in Beverly Hills cost on average?

The average cost of lip augmentation in Beverly Hills depends on a number of factors including the technique performed by the doctor, the extent of the treatment and any additional fees charged by the doctor or the facility. Lip implants can cost anywhere from $1500-$3000 while fat transfer is in the range of $1500-$4700. The cost of lip fillers depends on the amount of filler used by the doctor which means it can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 per syringe.

Recovery and Results

The final results of lip augmentation in Beverly Hills using fat transfer or the placement of lip implants is permanent. The results of lip fillers can last anywhere from three months to a year, and it depends on the type of lip filler used as well as the amount of lip filler injected by the doctor.