Best Breast Reduction Doctors in Beverly Hills

The best breast reduction doctors in Beverly Hills help female patients gain the size, shape, and contour they desire to the breasts. Some women feel the size of their breasts brings them unwanted attention while others want to relieve pain they feel due to the size and weight of their breasts. Beverly Hills breast reduction doctors discuss the reasons behind the desired reduction of the breasts to get a better idea what changes the patient wants to make and the desired final results they hope to achieve. Breast reduction doctors give a person the physical and aesthetic result they want as well as an improved self-image that comes from the new look to their breasts.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?

You might be a good candidate for breast reduction if you want to relieve chronic pain and discomfort that is the result of having breasts that are overly large in size. The ideal candidate should also be finished having children as breast reduction can impact the ability of a person to breastfeed an infant.

Breast reduction procedure

The breast reduction procedure begins with the surgeon using a surgical marker to show where the incisions will be created. Breast reduction can require three incisions, but this decision depends on the current size of the breasts, the amount of sagging and the location where the nipple-areola complex is positioned. The breast reduction surgeon removes excess skin and fat before reshaping the remaining skin and fat to create a look that is more youthful. The nipple-areola complex will also be moved to a higher position on the body and the incisions are closed with sutures.

Breast reduction results & recovery

Breast reduction results are able to be seen immediately because the results are often dramatic in appearance. In addition, female patients often feel a good amount of relief from the pain and discomfort they felt in the past. Depending on the type of technique performed by the surgeon, the breasts can have a shapelier look or be wider and flatter in appearance.

Average breast reduction cost in Beverly Hills

The average breast reduction cost in Beverly Hills is $6500-$12,000 but there can be additional fees charged by the medical facility or the doctor. The cost also depends on the amount of work performed by the surgeon and if insurance covers any of the costs as the surgery might be determined to be medically necessary to relive medical problems caused by overly large breasts.

Why choose Cosmetic Town to find your breast reduction surgeon?

You can use Cosmetic Town to find your breast reduction surgeon as each doctor on the website is board-certified and experienced in their medical specialty and also provides photos of actual patients they have treated in the past.