Best Gummy Bear Implants Doctors in Beverly Hills

Gummy bear implants are a popular breast augmentation in Beverly Hills breast augmentation choice. Gummy bear implants are made of silicone gel that is contained by an outside lining to the implants. These breast implants provide an improved firmness and shape to the breasts and the gel sticks together even if the implant ruptures. The best gummy bear implants doctors in Beverly Hills create an incision near the breasts in order to place it behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. In general, they are teardrop-shaped with a textured surface and greater projection at the bottom.

How to choose the best gummy bear implant doctor in Beverly Hills

The process of choosing the best gummy bear implant doctor in Beverly Hills is easily started by browsing the Cosmetic Town website. The doctors listed on the website are chosen for their positive interactions with patients as well as their proven quality results. In addition, reviews from their actual patients are considered in the process of nominating and choosing doctors.

Are gummy bear implants right for me?

You might have a positive answer to the question, “are gummy bear implants right for me?” if you are a female with smaller levels of breast tissue. In general, cosmetic breast surgery In Beverly Hills patients must be over the age of twenty-two because the breasts are still developing in patients of a younger age. Ideal candidates can also include women who had their breasts removed due to issues related to cancer.

How much do gummy bear implants in Beverly Hills cost on average?

On average, the cost of gummy bear implants in Beverly Hills costs between $6000 and $12,000. The cost varies by a number of factors such as the area where the implant is placed, the level of expertise of the surgeon, and additional fees charged by the facility or the doctor.

Recovery and Results

Gummy bear implants recovery starts with the placing of tape and dressing over the incisions. In addition, patients will likely need to wear a surgical bra while they are recovering. There will be some discomfort during the first week, but patients can resume normal, non-strenuous activities after three or four days. Overall, gummy beat implants results can last 15-20 years if the patient does not decide to make a change in the size or shape of the breasts during that time period.