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Total loss of self confidence...
1.0 Stars / 5

1.0 Stars / 5

So Disappointed & Deflated... LITERALLY!!! After having a successful gastric bypass surgery, where I lost 140 pounds, I had the typical cosmetics concerns that come with losing that much weight so quickly. I asked my Gastric Surgeon if he could recommend a Cosmetic Surgeon that he knew & trusted to help me with the next steps of my journey. He promptly gave me Dr. Davidson's office information to contact for a consult appointment. This is where everything goes sour... Procedure 1. Excess skin removed from lower abdomen. I am not SO concerned about the scar that goes from hip to hip & appears to have stopped in a very awkward spot ... BUT I am upset about the 3 inch "wings" I have on the sides of each hip. It looks like a 3 year old tried to wrap a Christmas gift using too much paper at each end, poorly folded the excess paper over and used a ton of tape to cover it up. I am NOT exaggerating... 3 inch wings on each hip that are clearly visible even with clothes on. Procedure 2. Breast Reduction & Breast Lift - VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Before surgery I had a DD cup size and due to the weight lose they hang low, had loss shape & firmness. During the initial consult, I expressed my desire to reduce the cup size to a "small C cup" as well as lift the breast to attain a "Perky" appearance. Dr. Davidson stated he was confident he would be able to achieve the request as it was not an unreasonable request. HOWEVER, after surgery both of my breasts look like 2 half filled water balloons hanging down, bulbous at the bottom and narrow at the top. Procedure 3. Breast Implants. The right Implant is placed so high towards my shoulder, so far to the right & not centered at all. It was basically placed in my armpit. Because of this placement, my right breast is completely flat and shows no sign of an implant being present at all unless you look far to the right. The left Implant has settled so low it is midway to the bottom of the above mentioned "water balloon". I have no cleavage because neither implants are placed correctly and both of my breasts are flat. Of course I am able to feel the implants if manually move and push my breast up & down, but that's not what I paid almost $25,000 to accomplish. You are probably asking yourself why didn't I go back to Dr. Davidson to address these issues??? The issues described above are actually the results of a second attempt by Dr. Davidson to fix the poor results of the 1st surgery he had performed 1 month prior. I was obviously not charged by Dr. Davidson for the 2nd surgery. He agreed that the results of the 1st surgery were not optimum, he agreed to make things right and offered to perform the procedures again. BUT........ at my 1 month follow up appointment after the 2nd surgery, again I brought up the VERY VISIBLE & VERY OBVIOUS DEFECTS!!! Dr. Davidson advised me that he would try 1 more time to fix the problems, but it would be at MY EXPENSE!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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