Jaw Reduction

Jaw reduction can be performed multiple ways to decrease or modify the size of a jaw and to also create a more feminine look on patients with a square and masculine jawline. The surgeon can make an incision inside the mouth and then shave the bone to reduce the size and projection of the chin. Patients with a jaw that is extremely big might need a decrease in the angle of the jaw as the surgeon cuts the mandible angle out (lower border of the jaw where it starts to move upward) to create a tapered appearance. The masseter muscle can be injected with Botox to paralyze it and create a softer appearance. Liposuction under the chin can remove fat to reduce the jaw appearance.

An ideal candidate for jaw reduction includes those with a jawline that is square or broad in its appearance. Patients can also have a chin that is too long or wide and needs to be resized.  Many jaw reduction patients are transgender male-to-female patients or a person that simply wants a more feminine contour to their jawline.

The cost of surgical jaw reduction is $6500-$9000 depending on the method used by the doctor. Jaw reduction via Botox is anywhere from $3000-$1000 depending on the amount of Botox used by the doctor.  The final cost can also vary depending on any fees charged by the facility or the doctor and the geographic location of the treatment.

Surgical jaw reduction causes swelling that lasts about a week before patients can resume regular activities. Recovery from Botox is almost immediate. The surgical results will start to be seen after 6-8 weeks but the final results are not visible until 6-9 months later. Botox results take about a week to be seen. Liposuction results are seen immediately. The results from surgical jaw reduction and liposuction are considered to be permanent while Botox results last 3-6 months.

Jaw Reduction

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Jaw reduction is performed in order to modify or decrease the size of the jaw as well as create a more feminine taper on those who have a more masculine, square jawline. The surgery permanently narrows the outer portion of the jaw while making it appear more in proportion with the rest of the1