Kamala Harris Plastic Surgery Speculation

Posted August 17, 2020
The truth behind Kamala Harris plastic surgery speculation

Kamala Harris is a United States Senator from California and she was also one of the politicians trying to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party this year. Although she dropped out of the race in December of last year, she was recently announced as the running mate for Joe Biden. She has been in the public eye enough that anyone paying attention to the political arena has a good idea of what Kamala Harris looks like on TV and in her daily life. Her current appearance kicked off a series of speculation on Twitter as many people were wondering about some suspected changes to her face.  Has there been a change to her appearance? Let’s examine the mystery behind the gossip surrounding Kamala Harris plastic surgery speculation.

Kamala Harris Appearance Prompts Plastic Surgery Gossip

Kamala Harris plastic surgeryJust last month, Harris was a guest on MSNBC to discuss the passing of John Lewis, the famous civil rights leader and respected member of the House of Representatives. The interview was billed as “Kamala Harris on the life and legacy of John Lewis.” While Harris discussed the legacy of John Lewis, many viewers were only focused on her face and especially on the appearance of her cheeks.

While some people could not quite place what was different about her look, many of the people commenting on her appearance on MSNBC felt that something was “off” about her look on the show. Twitter started to fill with theories about her appearance with some users of the social media platform refusing to believe that it was actually Kamala Harris appearing on the TV network.

Here are just a few examples of the reactions people posted on Twitter:

  • “That is not Kamala Harris, the question is….where would she be???”
  • “This is not what I recall Kamala Harris looking like…what is going on here?”

Kamala Harris Plastic Surgery Speculation

After taking a look at her appearance on MSNBC, the plastic surgery speculation about Kamala Harris started to surface. Some viewers of the news show suggested that Harris might have had a Botox treatment while others floated the theory that she decided to receive cheek implants. There were even some viewers that claimed her teeth were noticeably different in appearance.

No matter the theory about what looked different about her appearance, there were MSNBC fans and political followers that were convinced that Kamala Harris had undergone some form of plastic surgery. They noted the big difference in her look since her public appearances while running for the opportunity to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party last year.

Kamala Harris Plastic Surgery – A Simple Explanation?

Some viewers of the show decided to do some further investigation about the matter of Kamala’s different look in order to try and figure out the reason behind her new appearance.

One Twitter user decided to post a recording of the video that was much clearer and easier to view. This Twitter user wrote, “This is literally the same recording. Al Sharpton always records his segments on a phone from the television and posts it on his feed.”

In addition another Twitter user took the time to address the lighting of the segment and said the lighting was likely part of the reason her face looked so different. This person wrote, “They put her in poor lighting and with a different facial expression. Anyone who knows anything about cameras, angles, lighting, or with common sense can tell nothings wrong with her.”

Kamala Harris – No Plastic Surgery Suspected

After reading the explanation posted above about the poor lighting choices made on the show, it seems like the answer to any speculation about Kamala Harris and plastic surgery is that she did not have any type of procedure performed before the TV interview.  It appears a video of poor quality was the reason her look on MSNBC was so different to viewers.

Once the answer about the low quality video recording was presented to the public, users of Twitter decided to stop speculating about Kamala Harris plastic surgery in favor of saying people should stop with the gossip and start paying attention to other matters.

One Twitter user wrote, “Why are conservatives or anyone in general bashing Kamala Harris for Botox or more likely, Filler? Every woman in this city and most men have had Botox before or will eventually. Everyone does this. Literally. Please stop.”

While the mystery behind the “odd appearance” of Kamala Harris seems to be solved, this is likely not the last time any of the presidential candidates will have their looks analyzed by the public. The hairline of Donald Trump has been the subject of hair transplant gossip in the past and Joe Biden has also been suspected of plastic surgery. They will certainly face more discussion and criticism of their looks in the coming weeks. Once the public starts to point out changes in the appearance of the presidential candidates, Cosmetic Town News will cover the speculation and provide the truth behind any presidential plastic surgery procedures.



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