Eight Tips for Choosing Breast Implants for Your Body

Posted December 26, 2019
Learn eight tips for choosing breast implants for your body

Patients that want undergo breast augmentation through the use of breast implants need to consider a number of factors when deciding the size of their breast implants. Even if patients have a general idea about the breast size they would like to achieve, the actual process of making the breast augmentation decision can be a bit overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common tips you need to keep in mind when picking the perfect size breast implants for your body.

Eight Tips for Picking the Best Breast Implants

  1. Keep your lifestyle in mind – The decision to greatly increase the size of the breasts should be made by factoring in your daily lifestyle. People that are very active on a daily basis with athletics should stay away from getting the largest breast implants possible. Large breasts can cause people that play sports such as kickboxing, long-distance running and other very active workout activities to be very uncomfortable while they are exercising. Plus, large breasts can cause the back to hurt because of their size and weight so this can also factor into large breast implants not being a very good choice for athletic patients.
  2. Make sure clothing will fit before breast implantClothes make the woman – The size of the breast implants can determine the type of clothes that some women can comfortably wear. You should look at your wardrobe and see if your current clothes will work with the size implants you desire. Even a subtle change in the size of the breasts can cause a change in the fashion choices of a person.
  3. Pump up the volume – All cup sizes are relative in that breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters rather than cup size. Cubic centimeters are a more exact measurement of the volume of a breast so this should be kept in mind when looking to increase the size of the breasts.
  4. Think about the profile you desire – The size of the implants is not the only thing to keep in mind when choosing new breast implants. The profile of the breast implants also factor into the decision making process. Why is the profile of breast implants so important? The profile refers to the amount of projection the implant has when it is placed.  If you want a breast that is more natural or subtle in its appearance, choose a low profile implant. If you want to enjoy greater volume with your breast implants, choose an implant with a high profile.
  5. The shape is important to your decision – When it comes to the shape of the breast implants, your choices include round implants and teardrop-shaped implants. Round breast implants provide an appearance that has greater fullness at the top of the breast. On the other hand, teardrop-shaped breast implants have a look that mimics the natural appearance of a breast because the bottom is fuller than the top of the breast implant.
  6. A breast lift might be a good choice as well – Are you worried about the appearance of your breasts after breastfeeding your children? Do your breasts have a look that is deflated, saggy or drooping?  If so, a breast lift might be a good option in combination with breast augmentation using breast implants. A breast lift, AKA mastopexy, lifts the breasts through the removal of excess skin. The tissue that surrounds the breasts is also tightened in order to gives the breasts a rejuvenated shape and a younger appearance.
  7. Get opinions from others before getting breast implantsTrust the opinion of others – The decision of which breast implant you should get does not have to be made all alone. It never hurts to have a second opinion from a friend, family member or your partner. The person you talk to about the breast implants can provide a different/outsider perspective about your implants of choice. While the final decision is yours to make, it can be very helpful to get a second opinion before making the final decision about the size of the breast implants that will be placed in your body.
  8. Schedule a consultation appointment – The first step in the breast implant process is scheduling a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing breast augmentation using breast implants on a regular basis. Your surgeon of choice should be able to provide you with “before and after” photos that show you results from actual patients of the doctor. In addition, the doctor will discuss the reasons behind the wish to have breast implants placed in your body. The doctor will need to determine if the desired changes are being made because you want to make a change and not because you are trying to make someone else happy with your appearance.

Breast Implants can be Big or Small

When people think about getting breast implants, they usually assume that the patient is trying to achieve a larger size with the breasts. Patients that already have breast implants might not be happy with their current size so they want to switch to implants that are a smaller size. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of breast implants with you as well as help you determine the best size that naturally fits the frame of your body. Once the final decision is made, the actual breast implant surgery can be scheduled.



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