Breast Lift Procedure Details

Posted April 09, 2019

A breast lift, AKA mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the appearance of the breasts by making them more aesthetically pleasing in appearance as well as more youthful looking. In general, a breast lift is performed on breasts where the nipples are pointing downward and there is some overhang in the skin on the breasts. The breasts can start to sag and look droopy due to the aging process as well as changes that happen to the breasts when a woman is pregnant.

A breast lift is a very popular cosmetic breast enhancement procedure. To help patients interested in having a breast lift learn more about the procedure, Cosmetic Town TV recently took an in-depth look at breast lifts:

Breast Lift – How it is Performed

When a patient decides to have a breast lift, there are a number of techniques available to the person having the surgery:

  • Learn about how a breast lift is performedCrescent Lift – This is a breast lift that is performed along with a breast augmentation procedure. The surgeon removes a tiny crescent of skin, located above the areola, in order to move it upwards about a centimeter. This technique is best for patients looking for small changes in the position of the areola.
  • Inverted T Lift – This is a breast lift technique that is also known as an anchor scar or Wise pattern. This technique sees the scar going around the areola, down the lower breast and then it also goes underneath the breast in the breast crease. It is often considered the ideal breast lift technique to address skin removal on patients that suffer from a good amount of excess skin as well as skin that overhangs on the breasts.
  • Lollipop Lift – This breast lift technique creates a circle scar that will run along the edge of the areola along with a line that runs down the lower breast. The breast will be reshaped and is best for breasts that suffer from moderate to more severe drooping.
  • Periareolar/Circumareolar Mastopexy – The surgeon creates a circle around, or within, the areola before making a larger circle around that area. The doctor will then target the donut of skin located between the two circles and also tighten the larger circle so it is the size of the smaller circle. This technique is not a good option for all patients as it is limited in how much of the breast it can tighten. It does have a natural flattening effect on the look of the breasts, due to the results of the tightening, which is ideal in turning pointy breasts into breasts that are rounder in appearance. It is not ideal for breasts that are already flattened in their appearance because it can exaggerate the flat shape.

Patients should be aware of the fact that, with all of the above techniques, the nipple will stay connected to the breast tissue that is underlying in the treated area. The nipple will be shifted to an area determined by the cosmetic surgeon without the need to detach the nipple.

Breast Lift Combined with Breast Augmentation

When performing a breast lift, some patients might need extra volume added to the area to achieve their desired results. In cases such as these, surgeons can achieve the desired volume by performing a breast augmentation procedure.

Some cosmetic surgeons perform breast augmentation by placing breast implants in order to provide more volume to the breasts as well as a better shape and contour to the upper part of the breasts. Another method of providing breast augmentation desired by the patient is by performing fat grafting. During fat grafting, the doctor removes fat from one area of the body and injects it into the breasts of the patient. The fat that is removed, via liposuction, is cleansed and purified before it is injected back into the body.  Fat grafting is a good option for patients that are lacking a lot of natural tissue as well as patients that have soft natural breast tissue. Fat grafting helps to move the breasts higher with the nipples centered on the breasts after the breast list is performed. In addition, fat grafting provides a better appearance and contour to the area where the fat was removed using liposuction.

Breast Lift Cost, Recovery and Results

Learn about the recovery for breast liftsThe total cost of a breast lift depends on the technique used by the surgeon, any fees charged by the doctor or the surgical facility and the area of the country where it is performed. The cost is anywhere from $5500-$12,000.

The recovery process is relatively easy but patients can expect to experience downtime from exercising anywhere from 4-6 weeks. They can usually return to light work around a week after surgery.

Patients will enjoy breasts that are firmer and perkier after undergoing a breast lift. The breasts will be higher than they were before the surgery. There might be some scars but they can often be hidden if the surgeon places the incisions in the natural folds of the breast. There will be some swelling that can last for several months. The final results can last for decades but the results vary by each individual patient.

Consult with a Board-Certified Doctor that Performs Breast Lifts

Patients that are interested in undergoing a breast lift should consult with a board-certified doctor that specializes in performing breast lifts. The doctor will examine the patient in order to determine if she is an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery as well as the best technique to achieve the desired results.



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